How To Find and Use Cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro

Cheat codes can be very useful to both PC and console gamers. Cheat codes can give you infinite life, help you solve a particularly hard puzzle, or help you attain the perfect weapon just to name a few examples. For those wondering how to find and use cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro there are several ways to accomplish this.

The internet is probably the first place a Gameboy user should look for cheats to use with Gameboy Advance of Micro. Simply enter keywords such as "Cheats for Gameboy Advance," "Gameboy Cheats" or "Cheat Codes for Gameboy Micro" into a search engine like Google and you are bound to find literally thousands of websites containing just the type of cheats that you are seeking.

Most cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro are cheat codes that can be entered into a gaming aid such as a GameShark. A GameShark is a tool that gamers can use to input cheat codes for whatever game that they might be playing. A GameShark is generally a disc or a cartridge similar to a memory card (or a combination of the two, depending on what game system you are playing). To enter a cheat code into a GameShark, simply locate the cheat you want to use and enter it into the GameShark exactly as it is written by using the control pad of your gaming system. Load the GameShark on your Gameboy Advance or Micro before you begin your game, turn on the cheats you wish to use and then load the game that you wish to play. If cheats are entered and loaded correctly, you will be able to notice right away that the codes are active.

Very similar to GameShark, Codebreaker is another option for those looking to find and use cheats for their Gameboy Advance and Micro. Cheat codes entered through Codebreaker are entered in the same manner as GameShark.

Another way that cheats can be entered into a Gameboy Advance or Micro is to enter them directly by pressing a combination of buttons on the control pad of your gaming system. When gamers press combinations such as "right, right, up, left, left, down," they can gain things like infinite life and max health potions. These types of cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro can also be found through search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN.

The three ways mentioned here are a game player's best options for entering cheats into a Gameboy Advance or Micro.

    1. Http:// -- This is an excellent site for locating cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro. Game FAQs is very easy to navigate and contains numerous cheats and hints listed for many different games.
    2. Http:// -- The easiest place on the net to find codes if you use a GameShark is, of course, You will find the latest updates to both GameShark codes and software here.
    3. Http:// -- Video Game Strategies at is another excellent site to find cheats for your Gameboy Advance or Micro. The site guide does a fabulous job keeping readers updated with the freshest cheats available for both systems as well as several others.

    Gameboy users can also learn about Gameboy Advance and Micro cheats through message boards and email groups. Again, by simply using any number of search engines and entering search terms like "Gameboy Advance Forums" or "Gameboy Discussion Groups," you are sure to locate an active online community. You can post a thread asking if anyone knows of good cheats to use with your particular game, and you will likely end up with many responses, some of which you might not locate on cheat code websites.

    Books and Magazines are yet another great resource for those who wish to find and use cheats for Gameboy Advance and Micro. There are many publications out there devoted to cheats for PCs and console systems (many specifically for Gameboy systems). Cheats found in these books and magazines can be cheats you enter into a device like a GameShark, cheats entered directly through the control pad of your gaming system, or simply directions guiding you through a level of the game you are playing.

    Once you locate and learn how to properly use cheats for your Gameboy Advance or Micro, you'll find that these cheats can really help to enhance your gaming experience.


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