How To Use Poker Tracker to Play Better at Online Tables

Anyone who plays poker with even a small degree of seriousness realizes that it is a game that you win in the long run. New players commonly win twenty or thirty games and walk away thinking that the game is easy and begin counting the millions in their heads. The flip side is that it is very discouraging when someone can't catch a card and the game just will not let them win. Among serious poker players, it is generally recognized that it takes a record of about one hundred thousand hands before a person can begin doing some real trend analysis. That's a lot of hands to keep track of and that's where Poker Tracker comes in.

You can get Poker Tracker from PokerTracker. They offer a product for three poker variants: Texas Hold'em, Stud and Omaha. The game can be downloaded for free but the free version will only let you upload one thousand hands to the database. If you choose to purchase the product, to get the full amount of hands that you need to spot trends, it costs $55.00 for any standalone product and $144 for the set.

Now, what are the reasons that you would even consider spending the time and money necessary to learn a complicated new product? Here are some things that Poker Tracker does and how it can help your game.

  1. One nice feature of the program is that you don't have to keep track of your hands individually. The game integrates with most of the large poker sites on the Internet (Poker Stars, Party Poker, etc.) and automatically uploads all of your game information into the program. There is a full list of supported sites on the Poker Tracker website.
  2. Position is ever important in poker and the software will give you analysis of how you are playing in the various positions on a poker table. This is an excellent tool to spot weaknesses in your game such as "I always call in the small blind when I have money in the pot."
  3. If you routinely play on the same site with the same people, the program will pay for itself many times over. It will keep track of not only your play, but the play of all of your opponents. Brick and mortar players have kept notebooks on other players since serious poker began. This program will give you more information and with less effort expended.

There are many other things that Poker Tracker will do to help your game. It is a somewhat complicated piece of software and the best way for you to get experience with it is to go to their website and download the free tryout. It is my belief that once you try it, poker just won't feel the same without it.


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I agree with this, but i don't like use softwares to help me at poker.

By Marcelo Wojahn