How To Do World of Warcraft Leveling

You stand tall, trusty sword in hand. An orc stares across the barren waste at you, spittle drooling down his chin. You gather your strength as you envision stealing the life of this miserable creature. The orc makes a grunting sound and starts to run toward you. You raise your sword, bracing yourself for the impact to come. Your blood races in anticipation. The orc reaches you, its mace raised, a murderous gleam in its normally dull eyes. He brings down the mace and crushes you down to the ground. Your last thought is that it isn't supposed to be this way.

Online games are about many things -- community, crafting, being online with others from the comfort of your own living room. Of primary importance in all of these games, however, is the level of your character. If you are not a high level you get easily killed by almost every monster in the game and you also miss all of the cool items and experiences that are out there. For that reason I have listed below a few of the tactics that you can use to make sure that your World of Warcraft leveling is achieved smoothly and in record time.

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  1. Quest, Quest, Quest. The experience system in World of Warcraft is built around completing quests. You get a healthy chunk of experience for completing a quest. You also get experience for killing the monsters necessary to complete the quest. So when you see a yellow exclamation point over a NPC's head, talk to him and do his bidding.
  2. When you are traveling, kill everything that is in your path. It sounds kind of mean, I know, but remember those are bad monsters who would happily take your entire family out of their beds at night and have a feast. Think of it as preventative maintenance. The fact is, though, that all of those tiny bits of experience you get from killing monsters add up.
  3. World of Warcraft uses a talent system where you can customize your character's powers. Always use the talent sets that will emphasize doing damage. That applies even if you are not a class that focuses on doing damage. Remember, the only way that you can kill a monster is by doing damage to it and the only way that you can get experience from a monster is to kill it. Make sure that you maximize your ability to do just that. The game allows you to re-spec your talents later on. Since you are not stuck with the ones you start with, there is no downside.
  4. Everyone likes two-for-one specials. World of Warcraft offers just that -- all you have to do is camp out in an inn when you log out of the game. For every minute that you spend logged out of the game while camped in an inn, the game will be adding double experience to your character. Why work twice as hard? Take the hearthstone back to an inn and have a glass of mead.
  5. Make sure that when you do get quests, you keep them all in the same general area. Nothing will suck time like running all over the game world clearing a bunch of spread out quests.
  6. If you really want to get the maximum amount of level for your time, how about World of Warcraft leveling while you are not even at the computer? There are services out there that, for a fee, will level your WoW character while you are at work or play. While there are some who would not consider doing this, there are others who simply want to get to the high-end content. If you are one of the latter, then check out some of these services. Power-Leveling and BroGame are only two examples. There are many other companies out there who offer these services, so go check them out.

You stand there with a new sword in hand. It glows with power. You see another orc lurching its way towards you. You raise your hand and call down the wrath of the gods on it. Its eyes rise up in surprise as you leap across the span separating you and end its miserable life. It is good to be the king.


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