How To Level World of Warcraft Alchemy

World of Warcraft is a very popular online Role Playing Game (RPG). With over 8 million subscribers, World of Warcraft is arguably the most successful online game of all time. In the game, you create a character whom you guide from the beginning until your character has become high level adventurer. Along the way, you will have the option to take on a number of different occupations, including alchemy, if you so choose. Alchemy is the practice of making potions. Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your character if you choose to learn and practice alchemy in World of Warcraft.

  1. Choose the companion ability of herbalism. This is arguably the most important aspect if you wish to become a successful World of Warcraft alchemist. Herbalism allows you to find and gather the ingredients that are necessary to create your potions.
  2. Always turn on the ability to search for herbs. To do this, press "P" to pull up your list of abilities. Click on the herbalism icon and you will now identify where herbs are with a small yellow dot in your map on the top right corner of the screen. Whenever you see the dots, gather the herbs.
  3. As you continue to collect herbs, create potions. To create your potions, press "P" to pull your ability list up and this time, select the alchemy icon. Another box will pop up, this time showing the potions that you are currently experienced enough to make. There are a few things to look for on this screen.
    • The color of the potion. Grey means that you can easily make the potion, green indicates a slight challenge. Yellow is more challenging and red is the toughest. The more difficult the potion, the more likely you are to receive extra points in your alchemy ability.
    • Next to the potion is a number in parentheses. This indicates the number of each potion you can make with your current equipment.
    • Finally, at the bottom of each potion is the list of necessary ingredients. This is where herbalism is critical, as most of the ingredients you need will be obtained through herbalism.

  4. Do not neglect training in World of Warcraft. To continue your quest toward becoming a master alchemist, you will need to train at regular intervals. Most major cities in World of Warcraft have a alchemy and herbalism trainer. You may also be able to locate them at some of the smaller waypoints you come across during World of Warcraft.

The key to increasing your abilities is to continue to train and practice your skills whenever possible during your World of Warcraft gameplay. As an alchemist, never sell your herbs and you will likely need them to create potions along the way!


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