How To Level a World of Warcraft Hunter to Level 70

World of Warcraft Leveling

With over 8 million subscribers, World of Warcraft has shown itself to be an incredibly popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Within the game, you will create a character and immediately choose a class within which to build your character over time. One of the most popular character classes within the game World of Warcraft is the Hunter. The Hunter is distinguished by his ability to tame a pet who will fight by his side for as long as he desires.

Many of the exciting abilities that define the Hunter class are not available until you reach a higher level. With the recent release of the expansion pack "The Burning Crusade", the player is able to take his character to level 70, an increase from the prior high of level 60.

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Here are two ways to increase your level and all center around gaining experience points.

  1. Complete quests. Visit any town or major city and you will see characters with a question mark over their heads. This indicates that they have a quest that they would like your character to take on. Right click on the character to hear their request, you will then have the option to accept or decline the quest. If you complete the quest, you will receive experience points.
  2. Just go kill things. The ability to fight monsters is another major component to gaining experience in World of Warcraft. Venture anywhere within Azeroth and you will run into enemies. Defeat those enemies to gain experience.

Other tips to level quickly include

  1. Stay rested. When you log off the game, put your character inside an inn. You will see "Zzz" listed next to your avatar in the top left of the screen and this indicates that your character is resting. Over time, your experience bar will change from purple to blue and you will gain twice as much experience per kill than you did when not rested.
  2. Fight monsters that you can beat. Don't try to take on more than you can handle when fighting. If you die, you do not lose experience but you will lose some time while getting back to your body.
  3. Find a higher level friend who can help to power level you. Power leveling is having a friend who can easily heal you and keep you in great condition while you plow through a series of monsters. This allows you to gain more experience in a shorter period of time as you can take on higher level enemies and quests, without needing to rest very often.

Your adventures in Azeroth can be a lot of fun, and part of the fun is seeing your character grow and explore new areas. Leveling takes time, no matter how you do it...especially if you desire to reach level 60 or 70. At a minimum, you can expect to put in over 100 hours online. Focusing on the appropriate level quests and enemies will help you reach higher levels more quickly, expanding the Warcraft universe and your experience as a player.


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