How To Stream Music To Your Xbox 360 on a Wireless Network

The way we listen to music has changed over the past few years. Many people have gone from CDs to digital tracks that are stored on our computers. One of the biggest challenges has been having music on your computer that you want to listen to in your living room. Thanks to the Microsoft Xbox 360, if you have a wireless network and a Windows-based PC, you can now listen to the music on your computer through your Xbox 360.
To get started, you have to first have a wireless network set up and the Xbox 360 able to receive that signal.  You can learn how to set up a wireless network in just a few easy steps with Computer Secrets Unleashed.

  1. Purchase a wireless high speed internet router. I recommend visiting and looking at the list of approved routers, as some will conflict with the Xbox. The installation of a router will be well outlined in the instructions that you receive with the router.
  2. Get your Xbox 360 to recognize the wireless network. When purchased, the Xbox 360 is not able to recognize a wireless network without an additional component. You will need to purchase a wireless connector -- either the Microsoft brand, which runs about $100, or a third party connector that can hook into your Xbox 360 by USB or Ethernet plug. Once you have this additional piece hooked up, you should be able to turn on your Xbox 360 and it will recognize the network.
  3. Go to your computer and download the appropriate software from Microsoft. Go to the Xbox Media Download Center and download the software for your current operating system. There is a roughly 30 minute set up and install process that walks you through getting the software on your computer.
  4. Select folders to share. When you open the software, you will need to go into your preferences and select the sharing option in order to choose which folders you want to share with your Xbox 360. Select the folders where you have your music stored and then go over to your Xbox 360.
  5. Tell the Xbox where to find your music. Boot up your 360 and get to the dashboard. From the dashboard, you want to select the media blade to listen to music. On the blade, select music and the system will then ask where you want to listen to music from. Indicate you want to listen to music on your computer and wait for just a second as your Xbox 360 finds the shared folders and populates the information from your PC.

Now you've got access to all the music off of your PC!


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