How To Find Alternatives to Cable and Satellite Television

These tough economic times have become an eye opener for all of us. It has made us rethink our spending ways and forced us to cut back on unnecessary expenses. One of the more superfluous costs that eat up our budget every single month is the subscription to cable or satellite television. An average Man enjoying his plasma TVAmerican family of six has at least a couple of television sets in their home. So that could mean at least $60 a month for cable or satellite feeds to be sent to the two TV sets. Add to that the extra costs if ever the family decides to rent out peripheral equipment such as set top boxes or digital video recorders. These costs can be conveniently cut into half or completely removed all together if you look at various alternatives to cable and satellite television.

  1. So what's the first step to do before making a call to your cable or satellite TV provider? Well, you will need to really assess first the viewing habit of all of the members of the household to ascertain which alternative is best for the whole family. Does your family watch a lot of local stuff such as weather and news channels? If so, then why not try downgrading your cable or satellite TV subscription to the very basic package? This will at least slash your bill into half.
  2. Secondly, you have to have the right equipment to be able to try out other alternatives to cable and satellite television. Do you have a personal computer that is with a high speed Internet connection? If so, then a whole new world of viewing may just be well within your family's reach. Did you know that various national channels now have their official Web sites? What's best, they air their shows on their official Web sites for free. So if your family follows specific shows fanatically, then everyone can try accessing the episodes of their favorite programs on the World Wide Web.
  3. Another alternative to cable and satellite cable is renting your favorite television shows or movies online. Some Web sites charge per movie or program episode and let you download the material to be saved onto your computer. Meanwhile, others will charge you with a minimal subscription fee to be able to give you unlimited access to their vast library of audio and video materials. Choosing which is cheaper will again depend on the viewing habits of the family.

Of course, there will always be downsides to these newer forms of viewing, but it's all worth it if you factor in the savings you get to pocket. While television viewing can never be taken away from us, the dear subscription fees to cable and satellite television can be.


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