How To Find the Best Bulb Options for a Projector Lamp

The use of projectors are not only common in offices, but also in homes as well. Projectors are ordinarily used in offices when there are presentations or conferences where visuals are needed for more effective illustration. For this purpose, there are a large array of projector models from which to choose. On the other hand, many households in the U.S. own at least one type of projector. It could be a computer projector, a front projector or projector home theater. This recent trend in home entertainment developed along with the increasing popularity of digital video production, which can be done by anybody with a video camera.

As in any home and office gadget, projectors require maintenance. By maintenance it means regular cleaning and changing of some parts. The most often replaced part of a projector is its bulb. The procedure in changing the bulb is uncomplicated and can be done quickly. There are projector models where you only have to open the rear and pluck the old bulb off, replace it with a new one – and presto, you’re done. The difficulty however lies in the selection of the right bulb. Obviously the functionality of a projector lamp depends on its bulb, for without a bulb, the projector can’t produce light and so it becomes useless. Hence choosing the right bulb for your projector lamp takes careful thought.

In selecting the right bulb for your projector lamp, it is best that you read the gadget manual first to know if there are any specifications as to what type of bulb is required. Go over the manual carefully to see if there are any further instructions and suggestions on how to replace the bulb and what brand or type best suits the model of your projector.

With the brand and type of bulb in mind, you can now proceed to find your desired bulb from different lighting stores. At this point you will need to be on alert because available bulbs in these stores can mislead you into buying a cheap but low quality type. You have to bear in mind that a low-priced bulb does not always mean a good bargain. It is a natural impulse for shoppers to jump at low-priced items, but be warned when it comes to projector lamp bulbs; you can’t afford to scrimp on your budget because the end result could be a bulb that lasts only a few hours.

Here are useful reminders when purchasing the best bulb for your projector lamp:

  1. Consider the watt requirement of your projector. Don’t immediately go for the highest wattage because your projector might not be able to support it.
  2. Go for powerlite. There are bulb types in the market today, which offer energy efficient lighting support at lower power consumption. This could mean lots of savings in electricity use.
  3. Choose the bulb with maximum illumination life. Depending on the type and brand, a projector bulb life extends from 2,000 to 3,000 lighting hours. 
  4. Instead of being awed by false commercials, it is better that you rely on your previous purchase experiences. Testimonies and recommendations from fellow projector users can also help you arrive at the best options.


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