How To Change a Projector Lamp or Light Bulb

Projectors are slowly gaining popularity among movie nuts. The benefit of being able to view images in a much wider screen have made projector systems the much-preferred alternative among those who wish to set up their very own home theater systems for a relatively cheaper cost. However, simple problems such as aging projector lamps compromise the picture quality. Here's how to change a projector lamp or light bulb to maximize your home viewing experience.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of a busted projector lamp. Ever wonder why the images displayed on the projector screen are not as crisp and clear as before? This is a clear sign that your projector lamp or light bulb is in great need of replacement. Other symptoms that signal the necessity to head out and buy the replacement bulb is when you hear an uncanny audible pop whenever you let the projector screen run. Worse, as you watch a movie and suddenly hear the sound of breaking glass, then it's high time you replace the projector lamp with a fresh one. Newer versions of projector systems are equipped with projector lamp counters. These counters display the available life of the lamps or bulbs. Make sure that you periodically check the projector lamp counter so that you can plan ahead about purchasing the necessary replacement.
  2. Buy the proper projector lamp replacement. Many brands of projector lamps and light bulbs can be found on hardware or household stores. Just make sure that you select one that's compatible for your machine. To make sure that you get to buy the right one, it would be best if you bring the worn out projector lamp of light bulb with you to the store.
  3. Change the projector lamp. Firstly, unplug the machine projector from the power strip. If it has just been used, it would be best to let it cool for a few minutes first. Once certain that the apparatus is no longer warm, you can now unscrew the metal housing covering the entire machine. Most projectors store the projector lamps in a thin metal casing. Unscrew this from the entire apparatus and simply unplug or unscrew the worn out projector lamp or light bulb. It may be necessary to clean this section if dust has accumulated. Do so by using a can of compressed air. Afterwards, simply screw or plug the new light bulb in.
  4. Put everything that you've uninstalled back together to finish the job. Before doing so, take this chance to clean the insides of your projector. Dust surely has settled inside the various tiny parts of the machine so be careful when cleaning. Your best bet to avoid ruining the delicate inside parts of the apparatus is to use a can of compressed air. Once satisfied, you can now put the metal housing back to screw it in place.

Plug the projector into the power strip and turn it on to see if changing the projector lamp did indeed do the job. If problems such as blurred images persist, then other things might be causing it. Check the supplied user's manual for supplementary troubleshooting tips if this is the case.


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