Connect Your Computer to Your Home Theater

Computers are one of the most common tools nowadays. You can surf the Internet, play games, edit some pictures, and even watch some movies online and offline.  However, computers can do much more, including serving as an entertainment device. Why not use your HDTV or any television with the right port; your hi-end stereo with AUX, Video input, or any RCA connection; and your computer?

In this article we will discuss hot to connect your computer to your home theater. You will learn to use your home theater to watch television shows, stream videos, movies, and even play music from your computer.

Here are the steps on how to connect you computer to your home theater:

Direct connection between PC to stereo:

  1. Check the distance between your computer and your home theater system. If it is twelve feet or more, you can't connect it using a direct connection.
  2. Check the back of the stereo; see if there are free "inputs" - they are the red and white colored port. On the other hand, some of them are labeled "AUX, Tape, or CD". This is the source that you will choose on your stereo when you desire to listen to the sound from the computer.
  3. Now, establish the measurement of the cables you will use. Check the distance and measure it from the back of the computer to the rear of the stereo. Basically the cables come in 3, 6, and 12 feet in length.
  4. Purchase a Y adapter cable from an electronic store; it should be the proper length. A "Y" adapter cable has a plug that looks like a headphone port that usually goes to the serial bus of the computer; on the other end of the Y adapter cable it has red and white RCA-type plugs that goes into the back of the stereo.
  5. Plug the Y cables in to the serial bus of the computer (headphone jack on the computer). There are many ports that serve as input devices for a stereo, you should know what port you will input the Y cable; it is usually colored green on your PC. Connect the other end of the Y cable into your stereo; the red and white inputs colors should match the stereo's ports.
  6. Turn on your stereo and your PC, set the volume of the stereo to low and try to play music on the PC.

Now you can play music using your PC and high-end stereo.

Direct connection between PC and television:

  1. Determine the ports on your television and your computer. To connect your TV to your computer, the output and the input should match. Other televisions have an S-video input so you should check it first.
  2. After determining the ports that you need to use, purchase a VGA cable, S-video or a RCA cable that has a matching output to your computer.
  3. Connect the end of your cable to the PC's TV out port or S-video out port.
  4. Now, connect it to your television depending if it's S-video, RCA, or VGA. If you are using an RCA cable the color should match the input of the TV (yellow to yellow, red to red, and white to white).
  5. Turn on your PC and your TV. Now you just need to configure the settings of your PC, depending on the software of your video card.
  6. Now change the settings of your TV to video, depending on what port you inserted your cable.

You can now watch movies, stream videos and watch television shows from you TV using your PC. Have Fun!


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