How To Compare Coverage Map Models and Reviews

Coverage maps are tools that people use to know if a certain area is being serviced by communication stations. It includes radio stations, television networks, mobile phone networks, and satellite networks. Coverage maps are mostly provided by the networks to guide their customers and would-be customers about their services. They display valuable information as to which areas the network is delivering good reception to under normal conditions. A lot of companies present their coverage software online like Sprint, NFL, Verizon, Singular, and Nextel coverage maps.

Without the existence of coverage maps, consumers would be clueless as to the services of a provider. On the other hand, the provider will spend a lot of money and resources on customer service calls to answer their queries. With the use of coverage software, the pursuit of information with regard to coverage of services will become easier for both consumers and service providers.

Though coverage maps serve one purpose for the customers and the providers, there are a lot of types or models of these maps. Yes, their overall purpose might be one and the same but information given for one kind of map can be different from the rest. Here are some few examples:

  • Satellite Coverage Map. In this case, it is often referred to as a footprint. This actually tracks any satellite present in the sky. However, it cannot be accurate because it does not mean that when a satellite is in your line of sight, you will get signals from it. That can never be an assurance. This is because the antennae in satellites are directional. Another tool is needed to check if you are covered by a particular satellite. A helpful website in determining satellite signals is the SatBeam.
  • Cellular Coverage Map. This cellular coverage map is also called the GSM coverage map. The GSM coverage stands for the signals from Global System for Mobile Communications. This tool is actually used by a lot of cell phone users. Singular, Verizon, Sprint, and Nextel coverage maps are some examples of the cellular coverage maps.
  • Radio and Television Coverage Map. Same with cell phone coverage software, this kind of coverage map determines the coverage service areas of certain radio stations and television networks. Though most of the people try checking service availability in a trial and error method on their radio or television sets, the coverage software can be one great tool to ease a tiring process.

Also, since radios are not that in demand nowadays as compared to bygone days, the use of radio coverage maps is not that high. Same with television, the existence of cable companies to provide signals to the customers hinders people from using the service.

Still, with the existence and designing of coverage maps, no question about service areas is left unanswered. Not only that, since these coverage maps can be viewed online, a lot of people are given access to this important piece of information. In the end, coverage maps are helpful tools that are necessary in the communication industry.


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