Cut Your Cable Costs: How to Stream Live TV Over the Internet

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Planning to cut the cable TV cord? You might want something to replace it with.

Streaming live TV over the Internet is an excellent alternative for cord cutters. You can even cut your cable costs at the same time. But achieving live TV over the Web can be a little more complex than with traditional cable.

Below, we've put together a guide on how to stream live TV over the internet.

What You Need

Before you think about streaming, check your Internet speed. You'll need a fast connection to watch live streaming television.

You'll also need a smart TV -- or a substitute for one.

If you already have a smart TV, you should be able to access a plethora of streaming possibilities through its various apps. If you don't, you'll need a streaming device to help you out.

There is a huge range of streaming devices available to turn your TV into a smart TV. Choose your favorite brand (or the cheapest), and you'll only need to install it and download some apps to get started.

You may also need to set your expectations. When you cut the cable cord, you won't always manage to find the same range of channels you're used to.

This might seem bad at first. But there's a good chance you'll realize you didn't need quite so many once you've curated the ones to replace them.

Find Your Services

With everything in place, you'll need to find your streaming services.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from. Netflix and Hulu are popular options for watching TV online, but if you're wondering how to get live TV you might need to branch out -- though, Hulu does offer a live option.

Channels like HBO offer access to their live content if you're willing to pay their premium.

This isn't a cheap option for accessing a large amount of diverse content, but it will give you access to the channel's catalog as well. With some tactical subscribing, you can access what you need at a fraction of the cost of cable (if you don't get it for free).

Other Tools

You don't have to stop at finding the apps offered by big broadcasters.

If you want access to more things at once, try some web TV services. These aggregate content from other apps to give you a comprehensive viewing experience.

Services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now are popular choices for access to a wide range of channels.

IPTV m3u services can also access a whole range of shows and channels through a single subscription. You can then broadcast them on any suitable device.

Now You Know How to Stream Live TV Over the Internet

Simple, right? You now know how to stream live TV over the Internet so you can save money while you watch all the same shows. There's a good chance you'll never look back.

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