How To Compare Television Models

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Before buying a television, it is better to know what kind of television you are looking for. A list of modern television types and models of their kind follows:

The Tube Television. Also known as direct view, the tube television is so called because of a specialized vacuum tube called the cathode ray tube (CRT). The following are some remarkable models of tube televisions:

  • Sanyo Slim CRT TV - 2 new slim-line CRT screens, the 20 and the 26 inch slim CRT models have been released in Australia. Existence of slim CRT TVs proves that the CRT technology is far from dead.
  • LG Ultra Slim TV - LG presents the slimmest CRT TV with a deflection angle of 120 degrees. This CRT TV has an LCD TV quality but is cheaper by about 75%.

Digital Light Processing (DLP TVs). DLP TVs are named after the technology invented and owned by Texas Instruments, an American electronics magnate. The following are some remarkable models of DLP TVs:

  • Samsung HLR5688W 1080p DLP TV - the first available 1080p DLP TV on the market. Samsung boasts of this 5th generation DLP that it offers viewers a theatre-quality experience in the comfy confines of their homes.
  • Samsung HLR6768W 1080p DLP TV - dubbed as the world's largest DLP TV because of its 67" screen. Samsung boasts again that they made digital television history with this giant screened DLP TV.

LCD TVs. Currently, there are 2 types of LCD TV: the flat panel display; and the rear projection LCD. Flat panels are by far the most popular LCD TVs because they are thin and lightweight in design. Rear projection LCD TVs often exhibit what is called the "screen door" effect. The following are some remarkable models of LCD TVs:

  • Kreisen 37" LCD TV (KR-370T) - although decidedly not yet a household name, Kreisen borrowed great technology from LG Philips to produce an excellent TV. At 37", it is good enough to produce excellent picture quality and can display resolutions up to 1080i.
  • Sony BRAVIA LCD - considered a green LCD, Sony BRAVIA is 30% more energy efficient than any other LCD TVs. As one of the most modern LCD TVs in the market, Sony BRAVIA set a growing trend in the technology industry and the environmental field as well.

Plasma TVs. Plasma Display Panels are televisions most associated with high-end home electronics. Plasma TVs produce better black images than LCD TVs, but LCD TVs produce sharper images. The following are some remarkable models of Plasma TVs:

  • Panasonic Plasma TV TH-42PX80U - some stores offer this wonderful plasma TV for as low as $600. Though this is only a 720p, far from 1080, this plasma TV produces good pictures for a low price.
  • Panasonic Plasma TV TH-103PZ600 - dubbed as the world's largest plasma TV at 103". This human-sized screen belongs with the newest plasma TV models released by Panasonic.

Different kinds of television models abound in every appliance store today. If you are not careful with your budget, you may go broke because of attractive displays on the racks of an appliance store.


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