How To Hook Up a Digital to Analog TV Converter

Since the transition to digital television broadcast has already been made into law, techniques of getting television signals using varying types of antennas are a thing of the not-so-distant past. This resulted in confusion and disgust among many American consumers. How then will analog television sets get to receive digital signals? While subscription to cable or satellite providers will surely resolve the issue, some are not that eager to pay for something that they used to get for free before.

This is where digital to analog television converters come into the picture. These are machines that receive digital signals. These digital signals are then converted to analog so that the older models of television sets can interpret and output moving images onto the television screen.

Several brands of digital to analog television converters line the appliance store racks. Select your choice brand and make sure that the warranty coverage is satisfactory. Also, every television in your household has to be hooked up to a digital to analog television converter to display images so make sure you have sufficient money to buy as many as you need. The cheapest brands are sold at $40 while higher end ones are priced at more than $100 each. Now that you have the apparatus, all that's needed is to hook it up.

Firstly, disconnect your television from the power source to avoid electrocution. If your television set is hooked up to an antenna, it is necessary that you unplug the cable from the antenna. This cable is called the coaxial cable and is the one responsible for transmitting video signals onto the television set. Notice that there are ports at the back of the digital to analog television converter. Look for the one that says Antenna In. Connect the coaxial cable you unhooked from the antenna earlier into the converter's Antenna In port. If you do not have a coaxial cable, simply grab the cable that came in the box when you bought the converter. Connect one end of the coaxial cable into the Out to TV port located at the back of your digital to analog television converter. Afterwards, connect the other end into the cable or antenna port found at the back of your television set.

Now, all you need to do is program the converter to synchronize with the television. Plug the television set into the power source and turn it on. Navigate to channel 3 using your TV's remote control. Instructions for programming both machines will be displayed on your television screen. All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide so that you can start watching television shows in their digital glory.


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