How do Automatic Dialers Work

Automatic dialers, also known as auto dialers, are an integration of a computer system and a telephone system. They are called automatic dialers because the integrated system automatically dials a list of telephone numbers until the receiver answers the call or until the allocated call time is used. For the curious, here is a more detailed explanation on how automatic dialers work.

The first step is programming the software to automatically dial a lengthy list of telephone numbers. Some sophisticated software can sense if the phone is answered by a live person. In such cases a signal is given to a human operator who gets the call. A voice modem could allow computers to record or play audio over a telephone.

A desktop computer has two to four modem cards inside. Each modem can accommodate one telephone line. More phone calls can be made if you have more modems. A simple automatic dialer is composed of basic items such as a desktop computer, a voice modem, the software for auto-dialing, and an active telephone line.

Call center operators have their own telephone with headset that is connected to a phone line, which is dedicated. That makes the auto-dialing system in their area. The software is the most important part of an auto dialer. It informs the computer which number to call and how to reply to answering machines, busy signals, human answers and many more.

One of the most common features of automatic dialers is voice broadcast. Voice broadcast is broadcasting a pre-recorded message by automatic dialing. It is most commonly used in sales but it plays a vital role in spreading notifications and alarms. For example, an airline company, which has had a recent unexpected change of flight details can notify their passengers by calling them using an automatically dialed voice broadcast. In this set-up, automatic dialers are connected to a database of customers and flight schedules. When there is any change in the flight schedule, the computer automatically dials the list of phone numbers and broadcasts a notification. Automatic dialers, therefore, help businesses lessen their operation costs by not employing additional employees and allotting more working hours.

Predictive dialing services are also classified as automatic dialers. This is one of the recent developments of automatic dialing as it allows multiple callers make simultaneous calls. The technology also predicts when a caller is able to handle another conversation. This feature therefore maximizes the amount of call time that can be used by live callers or operators. Voice broadcast can also be used by predictive dialing.

Automatic dialers automatically dial the telephone numbers you are scheduled to call. They help clients manage outbound telephone calls and voice messaging solutions. They provide an affordable, high quality service. When these automatic dialers are used by telemarketing organizations, the recipients treat them as evil. But when used to assist an operator to make a large number of outbound business calls, these automatic dialers become saviors.


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