How Noise Cancellation Headphones Work

Noise cancellation headphones are the type of headphones that can lessen the amount of outside noise that you hear when you are wearing them. This type of headphone is best used for listening to music without having to set the volume too high. This is also helpful for people who want to sleep in an environment where noise is constant. The noise cancellation headphones eliminate acoustic noise that the wearer may hear.

Here is how acoustic headphones work:

  1. Two types of noise cancellation headphones. The first type is known as the active type. Both of these types of noise cancellation headphones work by blocking the sound of acoustic waves that may enter the ear. The sound waves that are created by the sound coming from the headphones interfere with or cancel out the sound waves that come from the outside source. This is why the amount of outside noise is lessened. This may be referred to as active cancellation.
  2. Components of noise-cancellation earphones. There are different devices that contribute to the technology behind noise cancellation earphones. Some of the devices that make up the earphones include a microphone, a speaker, a battery and noise canceling circuitry. When these components are joined together, they can reduce the amount of outside noise heard by the person by 70%.
  3. Microphone. The microphone is the component inside the earphones that gets the outside sounds that may be heard by the person. The microphone is responsible for catching the sounds that are not blocked out by the headphones.
  4. Noise Canceling Circuitry. The noise canceling circuitry is the device that is found in the ear cup. This device works to reduce the amount of noise that the user hears. This circuitry takes note of the frequency and amplitude of the noise and counteracts it with another wave so that the noise is cancelled out.
  5. Speaker. The wave that the noise canceling circuitry produces is sent to the speakers of the headphones. This is where the outside noise is lessened due to destructive interference. The speaker only filters out the unwanted noise but still leaves the audio coming from the speakers clear and crisp.
  6. Battery. The battery powers the noise cancellation headphone equipment. You may have to change the battery a lot if you use the headphones often. This is the downside for using noise cancellation headphones as against ordinary headphones. A battery is needed in order for the active noise control to work.

These are the main components that make up noise cancellation headphones and the uses of each component. There are different types of noise cancellation headphones that are available in the market today. Some of them are headphones and some of them are earphones. Noise cancellation headphones are not only used for listening to music. They are also effective devices to use even if you just want to cancel out noise and relax even when there is no music playing through the earphones.


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