How To Adjust Uverse Aspect Ratio (HD settings)

Uverse provides quality service when it comes to TV viewing in pristine HD format. But sometimes, problems arise when your TV set gives a skewed picture. The immediate solution is to adjust the Uverse aspect ratio or HD settings. Here’s how to do it.

  • Check to see ,if the blue HD light is on. If you are a subscriber of the High-definition service of Uverse, then you probably know that the channels start from 1000 and go up from there. Sometimes the problem is, the picture doesn’t fill up the TV screen. It may be positioned more to the left, the right, the top, or the bottom. When this happens, you have to check with the Uverse box of your AT&T set or DVR. There are three kinds of lights. As soon as you plug the TV set and the Uverse box, the green light goes on. It lets you know that the Uverse box is working. When you’re going to use the Hi-def channels, that’s the time when the blue light goes on. The red light only goes on when you’re recording. Make sure that the blue HD light is on. If it isn’t, you really need to adjust the aspect ratio settings.
  • Use the Uverse remote to navigate through System settings. Before doing anything, make sure everything is turned on first—the TV set, and the Uverse box. Get your Uverse remote. Go to the “Menu." Using the down arrow, navigate until you get to “Options.” Navigate again until you get to “System settings” or “System options.” Select “Aspect ratio.” Remember that whenever you select a setting, press “OK,” which is located in the middle of the arrows.
  • Change aspect ratio settings. After selecting “Aspect ratio,” you just have to remove the bullet that’s most probably set on 4:3 or the wide screen selection by selecting 780 or 1080. Select “Continue,” then select “Start test.”
  • Wait for the start test. The start test usually lasts for 5 seconds. It will scramble your picture. Then a menu would appear asking if you want to keep the current settings or revert back to the previous setting. Select “Keep settings” then click “OK.” This should enable your blue HD light to turn on. If the question about keeping the new settings or not doesn’t pop up, your TV set probably doesn’t support HD settings. What will happen is your settings will automatically revert to the original.

Another quicker solution to make the pictures fill the screen equally is to use the “Zoom” button. It’s on the lower left hand corner of your Uverse remote control.
So, you’re about to enjoy a leisurely day of watching your favorite TV programs on High-definition. It’s going to be exciting and fun, right? The only problem is, your TV is showing pictures that don’t even fill up the screen equally. You don’t need to freak out. Just follow these steps faithfully and your TV viewing will be restored to its quality HD format in no time.


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