How To Avoid Tricky Free Calling Card Offers

  1. Check for full information disclosure. Calling card companies are expected and should provide full disclosure of information to every customer that they serve. Any questions regarding the product should be answered fully and honestly. A customer should purchase the calling card after all queries were addressed. Calling card companies should not give confusion to these customers.
  2. Verify the company's background. Customers should make a background check on the calling card companies that offer free calling cards. You don't want your effort to be wasted in having a free calling card to then have it turn out that the calling company that handles it cannot be trusted. This company may have some charges against it on calling card scams and fraud. Some customers may also have bad testimonials regarding the company. It will be useless if you get the card but you can't actually use it to make calls since they are not genuine.
  3. Determine whether the calling card contains hidden charges. Not all calling cards offered for free are really for free. Some calling card companies use this trick where they can impose hidden charges like connection, maintenance and service fees. Some taxes are also passed to customers that are most likely to pay extra costs in making calls using their "supposed to be free" calling card.
  4. Secure the important numbers. You need your PIN and access numbers in order to make calls. Before leaving the counter or ending online transactions, be sure that these numbers were given or sent to your e-mail. If not, immediately report to the customer service. If this happens in succeeding transactions, avoid having that free card and look for other alternative calling card brands.
  5. Examine the expiration date. As always, you don't want your free calling card to be wasted. If your card has a very low rate, it surely has a shorter period of expiration. You better use this card in one-time calling. Some calling cards with slightly higher rates have longer expiration periods. You have the option to budget your call over some time.


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