How To Burn CDs

Instead of buying expensive CDs just to get a couple or few of your favorite songs, try burning your own CDs with only the music or data that you want. It does not matter whether your computer uses Windows or Mac OS X as the operating system. It is possible to burn CDs on both operating systems, provided you've already got your favorite music or data already downloaded and saved in your computer files. The simple steps to burning CDs are described below. Follow them and start burning your own CDs.

Step 1

Beginners tips. Use branded and quality CDs rather than cutting costs by buying cheap, poor quality CDs. In the long run, you may end up spending more with the latter type of CDs. Decide beforehand whether you want CDs on which data can be erased and re-written or CDs where data will be recorded permanently. In the former case, use CD-RW discs and in the latter CD-R discs only.

Step 2

Before you begin recording. Place the blank CD into the optical drive of your computer. Choose the file which you want recorded onto the blank CD using Windows Explorer. Drag or copy the selected files from the computer to the optical drive.

Step 3

Recording. Once you've completed step two, you will get a pop-up message, indicating that you have files to be burned. Click on the balloon or alternatively, navigate through the ‘start' button on the bottom left corner of your screen and select ‘my computer', point the cursor on the optical drive icon, right click and choose the ‘copy to CD' option. Follow the copying process and confirm using the ‘next and ‘finish' icons as and when they pop-up. You are done with burning with the selected music or data to the CD! Test out the recording by playing the CD on your computer or any other audio playing compatible device.

Step 4

Using Mac OS X. If the operating system running on your computer is OS X, the process remains the same, except the commands would vary. Once a blank CD is placed in the drive, you will be prompted by the system for the application you want run. Click on the appropriate icon, drag and drop the selected files from the hard drive icon to the CD icon. Next, select the CD burning speed by clicking on the icon resembling a radiation symbol and confirm as ‘OK'. The files will then be recorded on to the CD to complete the process.

Burning your own CDs is not rocket science. You will save money by not having to buy pre-recorded albums or compilations when all you want is one or two songs from a particular collection. This way you can also record all your favorite music on a single CD in the order you want. The choice for selection is unlimited. Enjoy!


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