How To Burn Multiple Movies to One DVD Disc

It's possible to burn some movies or video files together on one disc. Perhaps you want to save on discs, perhaps the files are related to each other and always viewed in a series. In any case here are easy and straightforward steps on how to go about this process.

1. Download a software pack to author a DVD.

There are a lot of authoring programs you can choose from but the easiest one you can use, especially if this is the first time you’re authoring a DVD with multiple movies on it, is the “Womble MPEG DVD Editor”. You can obtain a copy of this software from its official Web site, The software has a 30-day trial period with all of its function available for use. Should you require the need to use it more than the 30-day trial offer, you can purchase a license to be able to use it after the trial period ends.

2. Install the “Wobble MPEG DVD Editor” on your computer.

Follow the onscreen instructions and input details as requested by the installer.

3. Launch the Womble DVD Editor.

After installation, open the program by hitting the “Start” button, then “All Programs”. Locate the Womble DVD Editor and double click on it to pull it up.

4. Start adding the movies.

Pull up the “Open” dialogue box by hitting the button to “Add Video”. When the dialogue box populates, check the box next to “Single Title” and then add the first movie by double clicking on it. Repeat the same step for the other movies you want to add to the same DVD disc.

5. Should you wish to add a menu, you can generate one.
Pull up the “Template” menu by hitting the button to “Add Menu”. Browse through the available templates from the list provided. When you’ve decided on a template, highlight on it and hit the “OK” button.

6. Style the DVD menu template.
You can modify and change some things on the template provided to adapt to your liking. Should you wish to, you can put music, pictures, even videos on the background.

7. Prepare the movie files for encoding.

Change the video compression settings by hitting the “Encoder” button. The movies might have different compression styles and you may want to even everything. Select the movie’s settings by highlighting the specific title found on the left pane of the Encoder dialogue box. Also, remember to set and identify the language the movie has.

8. Test and see how the DVD would look when played.

You should preview your DVD and see if the menus or background sound is working as desired.

9. Export and begin burning the DVD disc.

Hit the “Export” button so that the editor will be able to place everything in one path or folder. Once the video exporting is complete, you can now use Womble’s authoring software to burn the movies on a blank DVD disc.

When the DVD authoring is done, eject the disc and preview the disk on your computer, or even better, on a DVD player.


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