How To Buy a Radio

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If you've been looking to pick up a radio, either for your own listening pleasure or as a gift for someone, it helps to know about the different kinds of radios that are available, what are the different brands and features you can choose from and where you can buy these radios. For some helpful details and buying tips, read through the rest of this article.

Step 1

Kinds of radios. There are several types of radios, from which you can make your selection. To give you a brief sampling - there are clock radios, portable radios and DAB digital radios, where DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Step 2

Clock radio. This type of radio functions with a dual purpose - it is a radio as well as an alarm clock. Set the alarm to the time you want to wake up at, tune it to your favorite radio station, and at the appointed time, you are woken up with sound bites from your chosen station. Variations on clock radios are CD radios, where music is from your collection of CDs, some models will allow you to locate and tune into medium wave (MW) and long wave (LW), in addition to the standard FM stations.

Step 3

Portable radios. No further explanation should be necessary, the term says it all! Take a portable radio with you wherever you go, it will work on AC mains, batteries, even exotic sources of energy such as solar power! Portable radios come in various sizes, shapes and with accessories such as stereo headphones, play them as loud as you like it.

Step 4

DAB radios. Digital Audio Broadcasting is the latest in radio technology, many radio stations all over the world have already switched over to DAB and many continue to be added to the roster even as we speak. Digital radio uses digital signals to broadcast data in multiple groups. These groups, known as multiplexes, consist of several stations all transmitted at one set frequency. DAB decoders are used to unscramble and play these multiple groups of stations. The many advantages of buying a DAB radio are: sound quality which is free of static or other disturbances, a vast selection of stations to choose from, visual displays which enable easy searches for stations and provide more information on stations and frequencies as compared to analog radios.

Step 5

Price comparison. Radios retail for as less as $5 to as high as $500, depending on the brand, model and type of radio. Accessories such as headphones, batteries, etc, may or may not be included in the price. Leading brands retailing radios are Sony, Philips, Hitachi, Bush, Panasonic and Roberts among others.

The Internet is one of the best resources to find all the information you need to buy any type of radio. Buying guides come with information on type, model, price and brands, with easy shopping access as well. Browse through the various sites that provide information and make your selection from the different brands and models that are available.


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