How To Buy an Extended Warranty for a TV

When buying a television, you are usually given a manufacturer’s warranty.  However the warranty generally lasts only for a limited time. Nonetheless, you can purchase an extended warranty from the store where you bought it. You may also obtain the warranty through another company that offers extended coverage for television and other appliances.  Here are the steps in buying an extended warranty for a TV.

  1. Determine how long you’re going to use your new TV. Would you change your mind and decide to replace it if new television models come out in the market? Extended warranties may vary in prices and depend on the length of time covered by the warranty. Decide on how long you want the warranty to cover your TV.
  2. Look for a company that sells extended warranties. Usually upon purchasing a television in an appliance center, a salesperson will approach you and ask if you want to extend the warranty of your TV. In the event that you do not get an offer but you want to avail of an extended warranty, ask or look for a company that offers this service. You may do this by searching on the internet for companies that sell extended warranties. One site that can be of help in your search is
  3. Consider the place of the company. Make sure the company is accessible from your place in case your unit needs to be checked if any trouble arises.
  4. Pay attention to the coverage of the warranty. Ask the sales person to discuss all the details regarding their offer. Think of the possible things that might happen to your new television and bring out your concerns to them. Remember that some television sets have manufacturer’s defect. Are these included in the warranty? Take note however that a manufacturer's warranty will not be responsible for negligence or mishandling of the appliance on your part.
  5. Also try to consider the credibility of the company that offers extended warranty.  Ask people who may have knowledge on the reputation of the company. Visit forum sites that publish commentaries on various customer service companies that sell warranties. If you find any questionable deals or complaints against the company concerned, do not transact business with them. 
  6. Evaluate your discussion with the sales person. Do they have better offers than other companies? The way to spend money wisely is by not limiting your options with just one company. Canvass, compare and choose. 
  7. After sometime of evaluating your needs and how much the purchase will cost you, pick the warranty that you think will help you in the future. Remember that a warranty is intended to answer any problem that already exists in the unit you bought, but which comes up only in the future.

An extended warranty will be very useful for those who keep and treasure what they invest on, but are thrift-minded and not keen in making new purchases. However, those who always want to have the latest model of gadgets and appliances only need short-term warranties for their TV. Innovations in today’s technology come so fast that before you can even enjoy your latest buy, another model is being launched in the market. Therefore you should only buy a warranty that best suits your requirement.


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