How To Buy an X-Rated CD without Anyone Noticing

Adult DVD/CDs can be very entertaining. The problem, however, is how you can purchase one without anyone noticing. If you think that being caught buying X-rated DVD/CDs can damage your reputation, here are some steps to help you purchase the adult DVD/CDs as anonymously as possible.

  • Online. One of your best options is to purchase the DVD/CDs online. Because of online banking methods such as PayPal, paying for goods over the Internet has never been easier. Because you are dealing through the Internet, no one will be able to recognize you. In fact, you do not even have to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home. All you need is to choose from the list of adult DVD/CDs, pay through PayPal, and wait for the goods to be delivered on your doorstep. Most dealers and online shops will package the DVD/CDs in plain envelopes so that even the mail man will not be able to tell what you have just purchased. In fact, you can even download the contents of the DVD online, which you can later watch in your computer or transfer to your iPod.
  • Leave town. If you are leaving town, you can also use this as an excellent opportunity to purchase your adult DVD/CDs. Almost every town has a shop or two that deals exclusively with adult entertainment. If you are able to locate the shop in another town, chances are you can buy the DVD/CDs without anyone noticing you – precisely because you don’t live in that town. If you have a trip to another town and you don’t know where the adult entertainment shops are, you can do a Google search before you visit. Use Google maps so that you can locate the shop.
  • Hiding. There are some video shops that sell a wide variety of DVD/CDs, including adult entertainment. If you plan on buying your DVD/CDs from these shops, you can hide your purchase by placing it between two other DVD/CDs that are for general viewing.
  • Timing. Hiding your adult DVD/CDs, however, is not always enough. To make your disk purchase even more discreet, consider the time of the day when you will purchase the disk. For instance, you can go to the shop during work hours, during which most people that you know will be at work in the office. You can also go to the shop late at night, or early in the morning. Make sure that you avoid lunch time and 5 PM which is when most people visit the video shop to check out the new releases.
  • Acting. Finally, make sure that you do not get too fidgety when buying your adult entertainment DVD/CDs. One of the first telltale signs that you are purchasing X-rated DVD/CDs is when you show it through your face. Do not keep glancing at people, so that the other people will not mind you either.

Just because most people frown upon adult videos and DVD/CDs does not mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy them. With these in mind, you should be able to buy the disks as discreetly and anonymously as possible.


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