How To Buy Bookshelf Stereo Speakers

Bookshelf stereo speakers are excellent for small spaces that may not be big enough to accommodate a larger set of speakers. These are the type of devices that would be a perfect complement for a mini component system that can also fit well inside small compartments in a bookshelf or small table. Bookshelf stereo speakers also make for good accessories that you can match with your iPod or other portable music player for listening when you’re at home. The market is rife with competition, so it should be quite easy to come up with a good cost effective choice if you just know where to look and how to find the best deals.

Unlike ceiling speakers and other types that have to be mounted on physical parts of a room, bookshelf speakers are quite versatile and portable. While small, these should have ample power for casual listening. There are plenty of models to choose from, and you can get these at any reputable audio shop or electronics store. However, it would be wise to read reviews and testimonials, so you don’t end up spending your hard earned money on a bad set of speakers.

  • Electronics stores. Any local electronics store would be a great place to start looking. Shops like Circuit City or any boutique specialized in selling electronics items would be a very good place to start searching and researching. Almost all major brands and manufacturers are represented in these stores, so it would be much easier to learn the makes and specifications of each model. It would also be a good chance to compare and contrast the various qualities and features of each product, as well as the amount of cash you have to shell out. These stores usually have sales at least once a quarter, so you might be able to get a better deal if you time your purchases well.
  • Online reviews. Before parting with your hard earned cash, don’t settle for a particular brand or model just yet. Check review sites like and (a site for audiophiles) to check for quality and value for money. You might end up spending money on bad quality equipment otherwise. Online reviewers can also give you advice on the best deals.
  • Auction sites. Apart from paying your local electronics store a visit, you can also check for secondhand goods at auction sites like The best places to look are auctions run by audio enthusiasts, since you will know that they have probably taken good care of equipment that they want to sell. However, if you’re not too particular with sound quality, and just want a pair of speakers to connect your iPod to, then you can go for generic speakers sold by online gadget auctioneers.
  • Bookstores. Lastly, since you’re looking for a set of speakers to complement your books, then you can probably find a good set at any reputable bookstore. Most bookstores nowadays cater to the cool crowd, and offer a lot of peripheral products and accessories aside from just books. These include school supplies, notebooks, writing implements, and sometimes even speakers and other small gadgets.

Don’t limit yourself to electronics stores, because small, simple yet functional speakers are usually found any place where music-loving folk are to be found.


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