How To Buy Connectors and Clamps for Wiring Your Speakers

Electrical wiring harness

Wiring your speakers can be a delicate and time-consuming process, depending on the number and complexity of your equipment. A necessary material for your set-up is a set of connectors and clamps to hold all the wires and cables in place.

Here are the steps for buying connectors and clamps for wiring your speakers:

  • Determine the type of clamps you require. Clamps allow you to group wires together neatly and run them along surfaces. Some clamps stick along baseboards while others run around corners. The more speakers you have, the more wires you’ll have to deal with and so the more clamps you need.
  • Determine the type of connectors you require. Connectors affix wires to the corresponding equipment. By finding out the gauge of the each wire, you can determine the connector you need. Look online for the different styles that are compatible with your speakers.
  • Estimate the amount of you need. Clamps and connectors are usually sold in bunches. It is better to overestimate the amount you need so that you don’t have to keep ordering for more parts when you fall short.
  • Contact the hardware and electronics stores in your vicinity. The yellow pages will list these specialty stores by location, so start looking for the contact numbers of the stores near you. Many cities have districts that cater to electronic equipment, so it’s also wise to contact the shops there for parts availability and prices.
  • Visit the web to compare prices. You can locate lower priced clamps and connectors online, even if you factor in delivery and payment fees. One trick is to order in bulk. If you only need a handful of components, you may as well stick to your local stores. If your equipment is very specialized, however, you may be forced to order in online stores that carry the parts you need. Start with the official website of the speaker brand, then search among their official parts and service centers. Finally, you may consult message boards to find out how to locate the specialized connectors you require. You may also need to download the manuals in order to identify the required connectors as well as how to install them to the equipment.
  • Check dollar stores and other discount shops for the parts you need. Some brands vary in prices even if they are both sufficient in their function. By purchasing generic clamps and connectors, you can save a significant amount in parts. You can also search in the hardware department of warehouse outlets.
  • Purchase the tools and accessories for clamp and connector fittings. Specialized pliers and wire cutters are needed to manipulate clamps and connectors. If you don’t have the tools in your house and you can’t borrow them from your neighbors, you might as well have to buy them from the electronics store.

Beware when working around electrical devices such as wires. Make sure the devices are unplugged while you tinker with them.


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