How To Buy HDMI Cables

HDMI CABLES ON SALE NOW! A STEAL AT ONLY $30! This right here is a lot of hogwash! Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s not overpriced. Realistically, HDMI® or High-Definition Multimedia Interface don’t have to cost you this much.

Here’s how to buy HDMI® cables that won’t cost more than what it’s worth:

  • Do you research about the HMDI® interface. This is an interface that sets the standard for cables used to operate HD TVs and home theatre systems. If a cable states outright that it’s HDMI® - it means it has passed the standards and can be used for digital equipment the like of which were mentioned in the first sentence here. Being digital means that it has surpassed the usefulness of component videos, S-videos, and composite videos, all of which are analog standards. Right now the standard is HDMI® 1.3V for any brand of TV, TV monitor, and projection screen. The next standard, 1.4V is on limited release for 3D TV.
  • The gold plates don’t count for much. These do not serve any purpose other than to feed your imagination about its expensive-looking aesthetics. Sure they can withstand heat but so can generic cables.
  • Bring your worn-out HDMI® cables to the local electronic store. This is recommended so you can buy what you need without the guesswork that happens when you don’t know anything about HDMI® cables. Save yourself the trouble and just bring those old cables for easy replacement.
  • Or buy your replacement HDMI® cables online. For only $10, you can find standard cables that will fit your TV or home-theatre system. Belkin, Phillips, Monoprice, Monster, and Blue Jeans – pick one and this will perform the same function as any of those expensive brands being bandied about in your face.
  • Choose the length of cables that you need. The minimum 6 feet is ideal to connect a TV and a DVD player while 20 foot cables are more in tune with office use where a home theater system is in place.
  • Read the reviews. There’s nothing like a good dose of reality from CNET who will tell you that they have been using Monoprice HMDI® cables for their own home theatre labs without a hitch and the video quality has remained excellent despite so much use.
  • Don’t get lassoed by lifetime warranty/guarantee. There’s no need for such and here’s why, your cables won’t be technologically passé and in the unlikely even of that happening, don’t you think there will be upgraded cables to meet this development for $10? Yup, your answer is correct. So pass on that warranty offer from more expensive HMDI® cables manufacturer.
  • Go for trusted internet resellers. Here is a list of resellers that guarantee money back in case of below par performing cables:
    • Amazon. Get the cables from DVI Gear. It’s no more than $3. On Amazon, you are advised to read the return policy because it isn’t standard for every reseller.
    • You’ll definitely find these cables for less than $10.

Now you get a clear picture? Good. Go online and start placing your order for HMDI® cables already!


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