How To Buy RCA Connectors

You probably have seen RCA connectors before. You will find these colored cables at the back of your devices. Your audio-visual equipment will not work without RCA connectors. These cables serve as the bridge between your devices in order for them to produce sound, video or both. For some, buying RCA connectors are not that difficult. However, for others who are not an expert about these things, buying RCA cables may be confusing.

If you are one of these people, here are the steps that will serve as your guide when buying RCA cables:

  • Determine what type of connectors you need. Check the manual of the electronic device where you will plug the RCA connector. Check whether you need a female or male adapter. The female RCA connector has a hole in its core. On the other hand, a male connector has a pin in its end. Its collar should fit on the end of the female RCA adapters. If you are unsure on the kind of connectors that you need, ask the store's salesperson. They may have an idea of what you need.
  • Search for audio RCA connectors. You need to use RCA connectors to transmit mono audio signals. This is the reason why you will often find stereo devices with two RCA plugs. Usually, the white and the red connectors are for audio transmission. If you need the RCA for audio purposes, you should buy RCA adapters for audio purposes only. The most common types of RCA audio connectors you will find in the market today are RCA to 3.5 mm, RCA to quarter inch and RCA to XLR.
  • Look for video RCA connectors. For video purposes, you will need the video RCA connectors. These adapters transmit video signals. Typically, the yellow ones are the video RCA connectors for composite video. On the other hand, green, red and blue ends are for component video. If you are unsure about these things, make sure to consult a technician. You can also find information in your electronic device's manual.
  • Buy RCA connectors that fit perfectly in your device. Some electronic devices need a special kind of RCA adapter. They may need a different angle of connectors as compared to typical gadgets. For this type of device, make sure that you buy an RCA connector that matches your device. You might also want to consider buying connectors with shorter length.
  • Determine whether to buy low or high-end connectors. Always remember to match your RCA cables with your electronic device. If you have a low-end electronic gadget, it is best to use low-end connectors. After all, your low-end gadget will not perform better even if you use high-end cables. Consequently, buy high-end cables for your high-end electronics. This will ensure good transmission of signals.

These are the steps on how to buy RCA connectors. Remember that if you are new to this stuff, it is best that you consult a technician about it first. You can also consult the manual of your device. This will ensure that you are going to buy the right connector for your gadgets.


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