How To Buy the XM Radio Samsung Helix

XM Satellite Radio, anyone? This seems to be the main draw of the XM Radio Samsung Helix and people are starting to like it very much despite its steep $400 retail price. Aside from being able to accommodate 170 XM commercial-free programs – XM being the uncontested No.1 satellite radio in America-, some of the radio’s features pretty much speak for itself: it’s so portable that it can easily slip into anybody’s shirt pocket, it can store and play your music library, it can record your favorite XM programs, it can be used at home, while walking, or while driving in your car, it’s a mere 4.5 ounces making it the lightest portable device in the electronics market, and it can play uninterrupted music for 5 hours straight even while it’s charging.

If you want to own an XM Radio Samsung Helix, here’s how to buy one:

  1. Check the merchandise by going online. Read up on its features and techie reviews. Visit chatrooms and see what people have to say about it. Head over to the Samsung website. Compare its features with the device you have now and see if you’re getting a good deal feature-on-feature. Make a thorough sweep of all the information and reviews (pros and cons) before arriving at a decision to have one of your own.
  2. Competitors also pose a threat to the XM Radio Samsung Helix. There is what they call its “twin” to rival its features. Pioneer Inno and Pioneer AirWare are just a few that are vying for the pole position in this category. The price points vary as well. These are less pricey than the Samsung Helix but you have to dig deep into each product’s features to see where the Samsung Helix stands out. It might help to know that the Samsung Helix comes in a kit complete with all the accessories and docking devices for home, mobile, or car use.
  3. You have options to buy this brand new or check out some rarely used ones on Amazon Marketplace or eBay that are selling at just $130.00 but do check out the merchandise by requesting a “meet up” if the location of the seller is near where you live. If not, it will be best if you buy it from a local electronics and gadgets store. This way you are protected by a full warranty and can automatically gain access from Samsung’s Product Support team.
  4. Once you’re at the electronics or gadgets store, do not hesitate to give this item a test run. Hold it in your hands, give a listen to it, ask questions, and weigh in your opinions and options. Ditto, decide if you like its sleek Black exterior because this gadget only comes in Black color. 
  5. Finally, ask the store cashier to swipe your card or tally up your cash payment. Keep the Official Receipt and Warranty Certificate.

Welcome to the world of XM Radio in your Samsung Helix and enjoy clear, crisp, static-free radio reception and sound wherever you go and whatever the time! 


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