How To Buy Wireless Earbuds

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Mobile communication is the by-word these days. More and more advanced technology enhancements and products are being developed faster than what consumers can handle. Before, you either had to lug a bulky portable radio and cassette player or CD player, but now you can either use your enhanced-functions cell phones and MP3 players.

What is annoying is that when using some of these electronic gadgets, it is inevitable that you will have to use wired earphones attached to a source, like your MP3 player or your mobile phone for discreet listening to your favorite music while on the go or for receiving and making calls. They either dangle around your neck, or from your lapel when not in use or worse, you roll them up and put them in your pocket or handbag. Problems crop up the next time you want to use these earphones or earbuds, for oftentimes, they usually end up in a tangled mess.

The Bluetooth® technology took care of that for the new models of cell phones and is now being extended to be used for your MP3 players with the introduction of wireless earbuds.

Before rushing out to get a pair of these wireless earbuds, here are some tips to guide you in making the right choice.

  1. The wireless earbuds being new, the price is still a bit steep. Currently it ranges from about $35 for a simple one to about $300 for a high-end model. A Sennheiser MX W1 sells for up to $500.
  2. There are two types of technologies being employed for wireless earbuds, Bluetooth® which is common in new models of cell phones and other electronic gadgets and Kleer technology which offers better sound quality, greater range away from source and less power consumption. Sennheiser and DigiFi are some of the brands that use Kleer technology.
  3. Check if your MP3 player has a built-in transmitter. If your MP3 player is not equipped with one, then you have to buy a transmitter as well as the wireless earbuds. Bluetooth® enabled earbuds may or may not include a transmitter so you have to check into that. Kleer-enabled wireless earbuds are sold with a transmitter included.
  4. Some wireless earbuds can be used for your MP3 player and your cell phone simultaneously with the switch of a button. Be sure to look into this dual functionality.
  5. A wireless earbuds model may still be connected together with a central unit that is located behind the head when in use. Some come as separate earbuds with the wireless signal integrated into each piece.
  6. Consider the weight of the earbuds as you will be using them for extended periods of time. Another thing to consider is how the earbuds will fit in your ear canal as well as the ability for it to stay in place while on the go. Some earbuds can be used while you are exercising, jogging or running. Check if the earbuds are sweat and water resistant.
  7. Check for noise reduction capability so you can enjoy your music without outside interference.
  8. See to it that you get maximum use for a full charge. Battery life should last from six to ten hours per full charge. Consider one with a built-in battery charging function.
  9. Lastly and also the most important consideration is the sound quality the earbuds will produce.

You will have to read the reviews and testing that have been done on these products before you buy as it is most unlikely that you will be allowed to open a pack and test each one, unless of course there is a demo unit that you can try.


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