How To Change GPS Preferences

A Portable Navigation Device or PND is very handy equipment to carry around with you. TomTom offers a wide variety of PNDs with reliable GPS systems that can provide you with comprehensive maps coupled with voice instructions. Read on to learn how to change the GPS Preferences specifically for your TomTom ONE IQ Routes unit.

1. Adjust the volume level and change the voice.
As we mentioned earlier, your TomTom One IQ Routes unit plays spoken instructions, as well as warnings. To adjust the volume level, go to the ‘Driving View’ and tap the bottom left area. You will hear a voice instruction and a volume slider will appear. Move the slider to your preferred volume. To change the voice, tap ‘Preferences’ from the Main Menu and tap on ‘Change Voice’. Choose a voice from the choices that will be shown.

2. Set frequently used buttons to appear on the Main Menu.
A brand new TomTom device will show all the buttons on the Main Menu. Tap on ‘Preferences’ from the Main Menu and choose ‘Show Fewer Menu Options’ to display only the frequently used buttons. You can tap on ‘Show All Menu Options’ in the future if you want all the buttons to reappear.

3. Adjust the screen brightness of your device.
Again from ‘Preferences’, tap on ‘Use Night Colors’ to reduce the brightness of the screen, and tap on ‘Use Day Colors’ to change it back.

4. Customize your TomTom’s Safery Preferences’.

From ‘Preferences’ tap on ‘Safety Preferences to activate or deactivate the following safety preferences:

  • Hide most menu options while driving
  • Suggest driving breaks
  • Show safety reminders
  • Warn when near places of worship or schools
  • Warn when driving faster than allowed
  • Warn when driving faster than a set speed
  • Warn not to leave the device in the car

5. Assign a Home Location for your TomTom device.
Setting up a Home Location will make it faster for the device to navigate to a point of reference. It is not necessary to assign your home address as the home location. You can always assign a place you often frequent as the home location. To set it up, tap on ‘Preferences’ and select ‘Change Home Location’.

6. Assign your preferred Map Display.
The TomTom device supports both 2D and 3D Map View. Tap on ‘Preferences’ and choose from ‘Turn on 2D Display’ or ‘Change 2D/3D Display’.

7. Choose your Keyboard Preferences.
Go to ‘Preferences’ and tap on ‘Keyboard Preferences’. You can choose from two sizes, the small or the large keyboard; and choose from three keyboard layouts, ABCD, QWERTY or AZERT keyboard layout.

Listed above are the common preferences that you can set up on your TomTom ONE IQ Routes Device. There are still other settings that can be changed according to your liking. Access them all by tapping on ‘Preferences’ from the Main Menu. Always remember to read your user manual for tips and tricks to maximize the use of your PND.


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