How To Change Lenses on Digital Cameras

A digital camera or digicam is one that takes pictures and videos digitally and records the images via electronic sensors. Because of this function, one must know how to change the lenses of his own digital camera. Suggestions on the procedures or steps of changing lenses on digital cameras are as follows:

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate lens for your digital camera. Look for markers on the lens that correspond with any mark on the camera body. Different brands have different markers. Some have square dots while some have red dots. Line these marks
  2. In one hand, hold your camera body firmly pointing to you. While holding it, push the lens button. Firmly hold the bottom of the lens (where the lens meets the camera body), and twist. Some cameras let you twist clockwise, others counterclockwise.
  3. After a slight turning of the lens, either clockwise or counterclockwise, you can feel it click free.
  4. Remove the lens from your camera; get the new lens and look for a colored dot on the rear edge. On the front, place a lens cap and on the base end put a screw on cap.
  5. Lay the lens onto the camera body, considering the markers on the edge of the lens mount.
  6. Turn the lens until it clicks into place. Use your camera as usual.

Changing the lenses of digital cameras need not be delegated to a professional. It is a matter of remove and replace. What is important is that you have common sense to recognize what you are removing and what you are replacing. Replace here means restoring a new lens that is exactly the same brand, model and style of your camera lens that you intend to replace. Once the brand, style, and model of the lens are identified and examined as to fitness of the new lens you want to use, dismantle the old lens and note the direction of the turns. Then place the new lens firmly on the camera. It will click into place if it is correctly installed.

Some digital cameras often have timers. When you make a try out after installing the new lens, it sometimes focuses on the wrong thing. Make some more adjustments until it gives you an error free focus.

Digital cameras can be single lens reflex, or SLR. It is important to note that both digital SLR and film cameras use interchangeable lenses. It benefits the user because of the ability of this type of camera to create desired effects in its photographs.

Other features of a digital camera lens are: zoom lenses and long telephoto lenses. Zoom lenses can be locked. If the user is shooting a project and wants to have the lens focused on the theme, locking the desired zoom is appropriate. The lens will not slip and change the focal length if it is locked. Long telephoto lenses serve as shock absorbers to reduce shake and blur when shooting. It should be activated especially during a long shooting activity that requires a lot of movements.


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