How To Choose a Cool MP3 Player

These Electronic Gadgets Make Great Gifts

An MP3 player is a very smart electronic device that can be combined with other things to help you to listen to your favorite music and songs anywhere and anytime. The best thing here is the ability of downloading the music files from you laptop or PC to your portable MP3 gadget, using an USB cable for fast connection. The other cool thing is that an MP3 player can be within other essential thing in our life like sunglasses, a wristwatch, alarm clock and much more.

  1. MP3 player sunglasses: Enjoy the best music while protecting your eyes. The sunglasses come with a built-in digital MP3 player with all features like the ability of downloading music files in all formats like MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. You can download those files by using the USB cable that should come with it after purchasing.

    To have the ability to record voice digitally, you should ensure that these MP3 sunglasses have a built-in microphone for digital voice recording. Other features of interest while buying MP3 sunglasses are the supporting of equalizer bands and the presence of lithium rechargeable battery. Some models may come with a built-in Bluetooth headset to download the music files wirelessly; this is also a great feature.

  2. MP3 watches: In this gadget, the MP3 player will be within an ordinary wristwatch. So, you can enjoy your favorite music wherever you go as the MP3 watch will provide all the features of a regular digital MP3 player. The presence of built-in digital MP3 player within the wrist watch makes it easy to listen to music and songs, record voice digitally and record lectures (so it's good for school and college students), and of course it will be easy to download and upload files. In other words, this gadget is perfect as a gift.
  3. MP3 alarm clock: Another great MP3 gadget that give the chance to wake up with a personal message. With this alarm clock you can download all music files like MP3, WAV and other file formats to wake up with your favorite song. You can also wake up with a message from your friend, lover, etc. When you decide to purchase one of these MP3 player alarm clocks, you should be sure that this gadget provides the essential tools to download the music files, such as the USB cable and the rechargeable memory.

Now you can choose one of these MP3 gadgets to give a cool gift tomorrow.

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