How To Choose a Wireless Home Phone

The cordless phone was an innovation in the late 80’s which featured a way to walk around while talking on a landline.  Prior to the device’s inception, people were limited to the near vicinity of the phone based on the length of the phone cord.  Today, that is a thing of the past especially with mobile telephony and cellular technology.  Nevertheless, since most homes still have landlines, you will probably end up still wanting a cordless or wireless phone.  To help you through the selection, here are a few things to consider.

  • Conflicts with wireless networks.  The standard wireless phone runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency.  Unfortunately, most wireless routers and devices run on the same exact frequency.  This being the case, it is not recommended to get a wireless phone for a home that runs a wireless network with the same frequency.  The conflict when both devices are on will bring down both networks making both devices unusable at that time.  So, when purchasing a wireless or cordless phone, always go with models at higher frequencies.  Do not get those that come in the 2.4 GHz frequency range since other wireless devices will be using this already. Don’t worry; some cordless phone models run on a 5.8 GHz frequency which will bypass this problem.
  • Consider Bluetooth phones.  Bluetooth is a wireless technology that has pretty much become standard in telecommunications.  It is used in computers and cellular phones.  Today, some cordless phone models use Bluetooth technology instead of the radio frequency.  While these models may cost a little more, it will surely solve any radio frequency problems within your house.
  • Go for the 2-line models.  If you have two landlines or have 1 landline and 1 VOIP or voice over internet protocol line, then it is much more economical to get a single phone that will be able to integrate 2 lines then opting to get 2 separate phones.  The 2-line cordless phones are not that expensive anyway and the savings you get by purchasing one instead of two can be used to pay for a month or two of your phone bill instead.
  • Be brand conscious.  There literally hundreds of brands to choose from ranging from solid American brands to lowly questionable brands from China.  When faced with all these brands, it can become quite overwhelming.  Keep in mind that unknown brands may be extremely cheaper than the other known brands but may fail you in many ways later on.  Face the music, reduced cost cannot really beat the quality of the product.  Hence, when faced with a multitude of brands to choose from, go with the ones you know.  It is the safer choice and should prove to be cheaper in the long run.

When choosing the cordless phone to go with, always start out by shopping around.  Look at the different models and brands available and compare prices from one store to another.  If possible, try to go online and look for user reviews on a specific model or brand you have your eye on.  Doing a little research will provide you more insight on the best model and brand to go with.


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