How To Choose Audio Noise Filter Products

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People deal with noise all the time. Because of this, even communications specialists and technicians have designated a term for the type of noise that is always present during sound transmissions – white noise. A complete communication diagram will always allot a level of noise between transmissions, but there are ways for you to deal with noise. For music lovers and audiophiles, one of the best ways to do this is through the use of noise filter products for your radio, music player, or your computerized home entertainment system. Here are the top choices that you should consider.

Noise Reducing Audio Cable. Manufactured by Griffin Technology that also provides speakers and other audio and video equipment, the Noise Reducing Audio Cable is designed to minimize the white noise and interference between a music player such as your iPod, and your car. This audio cable is specifically designed to treat the usual humming noise that a car stereo system has. It comes with a built-in noise line active filter, which is embedded right into the 6 foot auxiliary audio cable. The cable also fits the Aux-In port in most car stereo systems.

EMI Suppression Filters. For people who take noise interference seriously, Murata Manufacturing Company is a globally renowned group that provides a variety of EMI Noise Suppression filters. The company provides a variety of filters created from ceramic processing techniques. The products are top of the line, and the company provides full technical assistance for all of your purchases. The EMI Suppression Filter comes with the EMIFIL filters made from ferrite beads, chip, and lead. The set also comes with AC line filters, microwave absorbers, and audio software to minimize noise.

SoundSoap Pro. For the most discriminating audio technicians who need to restore digital music to its finest state, the SoundSoap Pro is the best software. If image editing has the Photoshop, digital editing is at its finest with the SoundSoap Pro. This software will allow you to remove the lowest levels of humming and rumbling as well as other low frequency problems and distortions using the frequency filter. The software can also be used to clean and copy music and audio files from vinyl or tape cassettes. The product also has a broadband removal interface to ensure that the white noise is removed whatever frequency the music or audio file has.  Best of all, the software comes with a sleek and easy to use user interface to make audio editing simple.

Common Mode Filters. Finally, try the Common Mode Noise Filters from Frontier Electronics. The product has transformers, filter chokes, circuit filter, noise image filter, linearity functions, and SMD air coils to ensure that your sound system is protected from excess noise. This product is usually used by professional audio technicians in setting up major sound stages. You can, however, also purchase the product for your own home.

Sound is present from the music you listen to at home, the mobile phone that you use, your car’s stereo system, and even your portable music player. Try the noise filter products above to improve your listening experience.


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