How To Choose Instruments for Noise Measurement

Speaker and sound meter

Some devices have high noise sensitivity. For instance, a musical instrument, like a guitar, should be played without any noise frequency or at least only a low level of noise frequency. To determine if the recording room is tolerable for good quality sound with low levels of thermal noise, noise calculation or noise measurement is needed. 

Noise calculation must be done using a specialized device—depending on the purpose. In the example above, a device used to measure the noise in the floor of the studio is different from the device used to measure the noise of the environment. And yes, measuring comes in units—decibels. The lower the decibels, the less the noise. 

So, do you want to know the different instruments used for noise measurement? Here are some sound level meters and other instruments used to measure noise levels:

  • CEL-254. Say, you want to measure the level of noise that affects your apartment whenever your neighborhood has their weekend house party, you can use the CEL-254 for that. This device is best for both fluctuating and steady noise levels.
  • CEL-320S. This noise-measuring device can also be used to measure community noise. But aside from that, this can also be used to survey simple noise, motorcycle noise, machinery noise, and noise nuisances. It is also ideal in checking the fire alarm sound as well as the noise of motor racing and motorboats.
  • CEL-360. This instrument is specially made for professionals who want to know if a certain working place has exceeded its noise limits. It can be set to run everyday and save the data for future assessment.
  • CEL-480. For those using acoustic instruments, this device can be one of the best determinants of sound level meters. This is also very easy to use, as it is intended for people without the technological know-how of the thing.
  • CEL-490. If you need to do a long-term survey of community or work place noise, then this device is the best option.  More than that, this device is also very flexible to measure other types of noises.
  • doseBadge Noise Dosimeter. You can use this to measure the work place’s noise exposure. This device is light, small, and does not need any control cables. You simply need to mount this on the worker, maybe on his helmet or shoulder, and let this device measure the noise the whole day.
  • SoundPro Wireless Noise Monitoring System. This instrument is best in measuring factory noises, entertainment place noises like in discos, nightclubs, and pubs, and hospital noises. It can be controlled using a computer, and the computer also saves the information from all the detected wireless noise instruments.

With the increasing awareness of people about the dangers of noise pollution, more and more people are also concerned about how safe a certain place is against this pollution. By simply using instruments used for noise measurement, you will be able to know if your work place, your community, your house, inside your car, or your room is a noisy place.


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