How To Choose the Best Portable Audio Recorder

If your lifestyle requires it, a portable audio recorder can be your all-time buddy. In this case, you surely will not want to settle just for any recorder in the market. You need one that is the best in the industry.

The best audio recorder does not always mean the most expensive and the fully featured one. The truth is, the quality of the recorder will merely depend on how you will be using it. For example, if you are a student that needs short minutes of recording, a cheap and simple recorder can be the best for you. To guide you in choosing the best portable recorder, take note of these following considerations:

  • Recording time. It is given in any kind of recorder that the longer its recording time is, the better it is. Yes, this is perfectly true. However, if you really don’t need such high recording capacity, then you can opt for the one with a shorter recording time. Always weigh your needs first before making a purchase.
  • Storage capacity. Another thing to consider is how much data it can store. It will always be better to choose ones with a large capacity for storing files. Also, it is a good idea to check for recorders that have an expandable memory.
  • Sound quality. This is something you very well need to consider seriously. Especially if you need to transcribe recordings, you need a portable audio recorder that has the capability to record and play quality sounds.
  • File transfer capability. Since recorders these days are digital, it is important that the device can allow transferring of recorded files to computers as well as other devices. Make sure that you check whether the recorder has a USB cable or adaptor for the convenience of transferring files.
  • Extra features. It is important that you look for features such as microphone compatibility. This is essential in cases where you need to record sounds far from you. Since the built-in microphone cannot effectively record sounds in this kind of situation, it is necessary that the voice recorder has this feature.
  • Navigation controls. A good portable audio recorder is the one that allows simplicity in its operation. You don’t need a recorder that houses a complicated line of buttons for various operations. A simple Play, Pause, Record, and Stop button interface will do.
  • Power source. For portable players, it is a good choice to look for recorders that are powered by batteries. It can be rechargeable or not. However, it is also a good thing that recorders can be powered by electricity together with batteries.
  • Recorder brands. You have a wide range of option in terms of choosing the name for your recorder. What is more important here is you select the one that can cater to all of your needs.

After analyzing your needs for a recorder, you can make a selection for the best device to serve you. Keep in mind that there are no bad recording devices as long as they can function for your benefit. So to make all your investment worth it by making a wise decision in choosing the best portable audio recorder for you.


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