How to Clean a Blu-Ray Disc

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The Blu-ray Disc is the new generation of digital video discs or DVDs. The blu-ray disc format is designed for recording, rewriting and storing data files. The Blu-ray disc can store almost 5 times the capacity of a normal DVD. A single layered Blu-ray disc can store up to 25 GB. The dual layered blu-ray disc can hold up to 50 GB of data or high definition video, also known as HD.

The Blu-ray was designed by the BDA or Blu-ray Disc Association. The BDA is a group of media manufacturers, personal computer developers and consumer electronics companies, a group consisting of more than 180 company members from all over the globe. Among the BDA's board of directors is Sony Corporation, Philips Electronics, LG Electronics Corp, Apple Computer, Dell, Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation and Pioneer.

  • How much data can you store? A single layered Blu-ray disc provides 25 GB of disc space, and a dual layered Blue-ray disc provides 50 GB of disc space. The BDA also plans to release a blu-ray that supports multi-layer discs, this type of Blu-ray disc can store up to 100 to 200 GB of data.
  • How much video can you store? The Blu-ray with 50 GB capacity can hold up to 10 hours of high definition videos and approximately 23 hours of standard video or SD.
  • The Read and Write speed of the Blu-ray disc. The Blu-ray disc can provide an approximate rate of 300 Mbps or 8 times the read and write speed of a typical DVD. The Blu-ray Disc Association also has plans to increase the read and write speed of a Blu-ray disc up to 400 Mbps or more in the next generation.
  • Supported video and audio codecs. Like the digital videodisc or DVD, the Blu-ray also supports mpeg2, mpeg4 and SMPTE VC-1. As for audio codecs, the Blu-ray supports Dolby Digital or DD, Dolby Digital Plus or DD+, Dolby True HD, DTS Digital surround sound, DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Commonly, if your CDs and DVDs cannot be read by your computer, video or audio player the disc has been over-used or scratched. Finger prints or other smudges can also make your disc unreadable. Cleaning your Blu-ray disc once a week or month is necessary.

Cleaning your Blu-ray disc:

  • Water and Micro-fiber towel. Cleaning your Blu-ray with water can remove fingerprints from your disc. First, rinse the bottom part of your Blu-ray with clean water. Then gently remove the water on your Blu-ray disc using the Micro-fiber towel. The Micro-fiber towel is important, because the fabric used in the towel is alpine micro-fiber yarn. The yarn is made from natural materials that remove fingerprints and lessen scratches from an optical disc. You can also purchase other optical disc cleaning products over the Internet. Just type a query on any search engine, and you'll get a variety of stores to choose from.


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