How To Clean a Plasma TV Screen

Cleaning flat screen monitor

Annoyed by the fingerprints and dust all over your plasma TV screen? Cleaning your plasma TV screen is important just like any other appliances in your home and it needs to be well-maintained. Fingerprints and dirt all over your plasma TV affects your enjoyment while you are watching your favorite movies or television shows. Small dirt in your plasma TV can also damage your television.

A plasma TV is not just an ordinary television. It was designed to be lightweight, flat, and to produce crystal clear images. It is also capable of providing high definition or HD images and can be used as a computer monitor. The plasma screen can produce tons of tiny glass bubbles, each little glass bubbles has a gas-like substance called plasma. Each pixel produced by the plasma TV displays 3 sub pixels: red, green and blue or generally called RGB. The RGB automatically displays once the electric current runs through the flat screen. Always remember that the plasma screen is the most important part of your plasma TV, so this should be clean at all times.

The following are some easy steps regarding how to properly clean your plasma TV.

  1. Turn it off before cleaning. Safety first, before even touching your plasma TV screen, turn it off. To completely turn off your plasma TV, you can either use the remote control of your plasma TV or you can just simply push the off button on your plasma TV. Also remember to unplug the socket of your plasma TV.
  2. Use the right cloth. Using a micro fiber towel is important when cleaning your plasma TV screen. A micro fiber towel is made from natural materials that prevent you from scratching your plasma TV screen. Avoid using toilet papers, tissues and paper towels when cleaning your plasma TV screen, because wood based materials can heavily scratch your plasma TV screen. Remember to gently wipe the fingerprints and dirt off your plasma TV screen. Using large amount of pressure may affect the alignment of the screen's calibration or worst, it may damage your plasma TV screen, so be gentle.
  3. Use the right liquid solution. If you want to add a water solution when cleaning your plasma TV screen, it is important that you don't apply or spray any liquid solution directly onto your plasma TV screen. Spraying liquid solution directly to your plasma TV screen may leave moisture on your TV screen. It is also advisable to use distilled water. When cleaning your plasma TV screen using distilled water, apply a small amount of water to a micro fiber cloth then gently wipe the edge of your plasma TV screen.

After doing the steps above and making sure that you have removed all the fingerprints and dirt from your plasma TV screen, you can now plug in your plasma TV screen again. Make sure to set the brightness and contrast of your plasma TV to low. Setting your plasma TV's brightness to low reduces the dust particles that is magnetized by your TV screen.


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