How To Clean Electronics

Electronic gadgets are "dust-sinks" due to their electrostatic nature; they tend to simply attract dust very quickly and if not cleaned regularly, will begin to affect their performance over time. Cleaning electronics is easy - the first step is always to check the user-manual accompanying the equipment for cleaning instructions; if found, use these instructions.  Also, check the labels on the equipment for manufacturer's instructions on opening up the equipment; some equipment like microwave ovens, water-purifiers and refrigerators should be opened up only by trained technicians.  Also, opening some parts of mobile-phones, clocks with electronic displays, personal organizers and such is not advisable; some manufacturers install seals which if broken voids warranty on the equipment.

Step 1

Unplug the equipment from power mains, settle it on a table to access the equipment comfortably; make sure the surroundings are clean and dry.

Step 2

Check the length of the power-cord for any cut or abrasion; ignoring it could cause electric shocks and improper functioning and sometimes failure of your equipment.  Check the manual for instructions to change the power cord or ask an electrician for assistance.

Step 3

Get an electrostatic cloth or a micro fiber cloth and wipe the equipment clean from top to bottom; use a mini-vacuum cleaner or blower to dry-blow the nooks and crevices in your equipment.

Step 4

Pay extra attention to certain sensitive parts of your equipment like the screen, or while cleaning the fan in a computer cabinet.  Wipe the dust down from fan-ventilators and ensure it is not pushed back into the equipment cabinet.

Step 5

To remove stains, spray some mild cleaning liquid on a cloth and wipe gently; it is advisable to test the liquid on a corner of the equipment; some items like plasma television are intolerant to cleaning liquids - check manuals before use.

Step 6

After blow drying it, use the electro static or micro fiber cloth once again to clean from top to bottom.  If cleaning liquid is used, ensure that the equipment is totally dry before connecting it back into the power supply.

If your music system or DVD players skips while playing, freezes frames or worse refuses to play and displays - No Disc - even when you have loaded a newly purchased disc, it is likely that the lens is covered with dust and is unable to read the disc.  To clean, get a cleaning disc from the local electronics shop and run the disc in the player, following instructions on the package.  This should get your music player or DVD/VCD player back in action.

Regularly clean and maintain your electronic equipment to ensure long life and uninterrupted service.  This will also keep your expensive equipment looking clean and attractive for display. If however, your equipment does not function optimally at the end of this cleaning, it is advisable to get it checked by a qualified technician.  Call the manufacturer for details on a service centre close to you.


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