How To Compare Calling Cards

One of the important steps to get the best deal when purchasing a calling card is to comparison shop. There are a bunch of considerations when you compare the different calling cards available.

  1. Determine the price or rate of the card. Which among the available cards has a cheaper rate per minute? The calling cards usually have access numbers printed on them. A toll free number makes your call more reliable and you are sure that your call will be connected to the other party. Local access numbers give you lower rate when you call, and you will enjoy more calling time in your next calls. Beware of calling cards with hidden charges. A connection fee is charged to your card whenever your call is connected. This fee is generally found in cards with very low rates.

    Some companies impose maintenance and service fees to cover the cost of maintaining the telephone network and the calling card. Other companies also pass the payment of their taxes to consumers. They charge higher rates in some calls that you make. Additional charges like pay phone and mobile phone surcharges increase the calling rates. This is charged whenever you make calls in public pay phones and in mobile phones.

    Your billing increment also affects the rates in your calling card. Sometimes, when you make a call, you do not consume the whole minute. Your call will be rounded to the next minute or the next two or three minutes. A good phone card has only one minute rounding. Watch for these charges made on your calling card.

  2. Check for the card quality. Calling card quality matters more than the rate. It doesn't matter how cheap your card is--if it does not have good quality, your money is still wasted. Your card should give you a crystal clear voice quality, fast and easy connections, and better services. Your card should be reliable in making longer overseas calls. Surely, you will never regret your chosen calling card.

  3. Take note of the convenience offered. Another thing to consider is your calling card convenience. Your card should be available in places that you usually visit so that you can replace it when you run out of time. The Internet offers a variety of cards for you to choose from. These cards usually have an online account management feature where all your transactions are monitored. You can check for your call history to see how many calls you are making in a month and how long each call lasts. The billing history shows every payment you made through your credit card. You have the option to enroll your account for automatic recharging when you are about to consume all the minutes.

  4. See for the usage of card in your calls. It is important when you plan to buy a calling card that you know the amount of time that you will consume in your calls. Your card must have a longer talk time if you usually make phone calls. The card should not have an expiration date, so it can be used even for a longer time, especially if you seldom make a call but it is an important call when you do. It is also necessary that you take note of the average length of time for the calls that you made. It will be helpful for your next purchase.

    Sometimes, it is inevitable that the calling card you choose has a connection fee. The thing to do is make use of the card in one long call so you won't be charged with a big amount for the connection fee. But still, better not to buy a card with a connection fee to be sure.

  5. Consider the customer service of your calling card. Customer service is important in a calling card company. It adds up to the reliability and the commitment of the company to their customers. This service should be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to entertain the calls from customers. There may be problems encountered while using the calling card, so customers need acess to answers for their queries. And the problems need immediate attention from service providers.

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