How To Compare HDTV Front Projection Monitors

These days bigger is always better, whether it be houses, vehicles, jewelry or whatever else, nothing speaks better of your status other than size. Going big goes for your television experience as well and nothing says big bigger than a front projection monitor.

Like its name implies, a HDTV front projection monitor is what you view HDTV as projected by a front projector. It's a small box that can be mounted either a stand or on the ceiling. This is always best for large gatherings like in meetings, presentations and for home theater viewing. Front projectors use light bounced off either mirrors or crystals to enlarge and image for everyone to see. For a quick discourse on how front projection TVs work, visit

Comparing the types of HDTV front projection monitors begins with your front projector. You need to pick one that is not only compatible with your front projector but can fully optimize it. The best thing to do before choosing your monitor is to fully understand the types of HDTV front projectors. Currently there are 4 types: DLP, LCD, LCoS and CRT

  • DLP (Digital Light Processing). A more detail explanation of what DLP is can be found at this site:
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). A more detailed explanation of what LCD is can be found at this site:
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). A more detailed explanation of how CRT works is found at this site:
  • LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon). A more detailed explanation of how LCoS works is found at this site:

The sites below may be helpful in the specifics of choosing which monitor to use.

  • A site dedicated to the education of front projectors it has definitive descriptions on the many kinds of front projectors and the technology behind them. Reading through it may be a little tedious at first but if you really want to make the right decision regarding your HDTV projectors and monitors, you'll find little snippets of information most helpful.
  • A site from tech experts and home theater enthusiasts, this site will be much more helpful in the actual choosing because there are experts who understand the technology behind it rating the products out there.

HDTV front projectors and their monitors represent a significant investment on your part not only for the appliances but for their repair, maintenance and upkeep. While the huge and wonderful TV shows or video games you get out of them may make it worthwhile, it's important that you come to the best decision possible when choosing what kind of front projector and monitor you want to get for your household.

Don't be too hasty when choosing! Going to the store and asking the clerk may not be a good idea as they may be trying to sell you on old stock or outdated models they're trying to unload on retail. The best way to go about figuring out which monitor to purchase is to find out all the information yourself, compare the models to your budget or lifestyle or space restrictions and then decide. Hopefully with all the links above you have all the information you need to come up with the best front projector and monitor for you.


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