How To Compare VOIP Service Providers, Ratings and Pricing

VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a terminology that is used for all devices that transmit voice communications through IP networks such as the World Wide Web.  This way, you can easily make video calls all over the world.  It is cheaper and very easy to use.  As long as you have a computer with an Internet access and a software that offers VOIP service then you are all set.  Many companies offer this such that choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky.  It is a highly competitive market and getting the best rates is a challenge.  Here are some effective tips that can help you compare VOIP service providers, rating and pricing in choosing the best one that will suit your needs.

  1. Go online and browse through the list of VOIP service providers.,, and are examples of trusted companies that you can look for.  It is highly advisable that you visit these sites individually.  Check the history of the companies and take note of their contact details for later verification and inquiries about their service and promos.
  2. For each company, Check if they have activation fees or charges.  Some companies do not require this although you have to double check if there are hidden costs included to be sure.
  3. Check each of their plans.  If you need this for business purposes, you have to look over their business plan section.  If it is for personal use, go to the residential plans.  It is important that you check their rates per minute, and their monthly and annual fees.
  4. Before you sign up to anything, it would be wise if you check their promos out first.  This way, you can save a great deal of money. More often than not, these companies offer special promos all year round.
  5. See if they have limited and unlimited plans.  Sometimes, it is cheaper to get unlimited package especially when you use your VOIP service a lot. 
  6. Make sure you read each terms and conditions and if there is a lock down period.  Be aware how long the contract would be so that you know what to expect and adjust your yearly budget. 
  7. If you are still unsure about certain things, call their customer service hotline and do not hesitate to ask the things that you do not understand.  It is also advisable that you verify the promos if they are still available.
  8. Check the areas.  There are times that this service is not available to certain areas, especially the special promos.  Make sure you check it on their website or confirm it with a customer service representative.

It is a bit tedious to compare VOIP service providers since there are a lot of factors that you need to consider.  Be patient and it will surely be worth the effort.  Good luck!


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