How To Connect a DVD or Blu-Ray Player to the Internet

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One of the benefits of a networked home or office is that you can easily share resources throughout all and any computer within the network and even on the Internet. This does not only include computers, but also other peripherals, like printers and scanners. With new devices being network- and internet-ready, you can even connect TV sets, console games, and DVD players to the Internet.

This is not as simple as plugging the device to your modem, though. Most consumer electronic devices that connect to the Internet will require you to connect it using either a wireless networking (WiFi) or through Ethernet. Blu-Ray and DVD players that are Internet-ready connect the same way.

What you need

You will need a working broadband connection, which can either be a cable or DSL connection. Any connection that can be shared using a router will work fine. You will also need a broadband router. This can either be a wired router or a WiFi router, as long as it has Ethernet ports for connecting devices. Aside from your router, you will need a device that will interface your DVD or Blu-Ray player with the network.

How to connect

  • Look for your broadband router. This will usually look like a modem with antennae. Note that newer devices might have built-in antennae, which do not protrude. If you are unsure, check your cable or DSL connection. There are usually two devices: the DSL or cable modem and the router. Knowing the location of your broadband router will come in handy if your DVD or Blu-Ray player can only connect using Ethernet.
  • Check your DVD or Blu-Ray player’s manual if it can connect using WiFi or Ethernet. Chances are, it connects via Ethernet.
  • If your device connects using WiFi, turn it on, along with your TV set, and open the onscreen menu. Look for the option to connect to the wireless network. Find the name of your wireless network, and enter any WEP or WPA key, if you have a secured network.
  • If your device connects using wired Ethernet, you will need to use an Ethernet cable that is long enough to reach from the DVD or Blu-Ray player to your broadband router.
  • Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port on your DVD or Blu-Ray player.
  • Connect the other end to an open LAN port on your broadband router.
  • If your broadband router and DVD or Blu-Ray player are located in different rooms, you might find it difficult to run the cable through the floor or ceiling, or through walls. You can use a wireless bridge adaptor for this purpose. A wireless bridge adaptor has a LAN port that connects devices that are not WiFi enabled. It will then connect to your WiFi router as if it was another device or a sub-network.

Once you have successfully connected your DVD or Blu-Ray player to the Internet, you can test its connection, if it is successful in downloading content or if you can access contents of discs on your other networked devices or computers.


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