How To Connect a PS3 to a Home Theater System

When it was first launched, the Sony PlayStation 3 was lauded to be more of a home entertainment system rather than just a gaming console. First, it had a hard drive storage and video-playback capabilities. You could also download videos and songs from the Internet. Some PS3 releases were even Blu-Ray capable, which is a feature not even available on all DVD players today.

The things that will complete your PS3 as a home entertainment system will be a great TV or projector for viewing and a high-quality audio system for the sounds.

The main issue here is choosing how to actually connect your PS3 to your television set and to your home theater system. If your TV requires a simple analog RCA jack, then you will have no problem connecting it to both your TV set and home theater system.

  • Plug in the interface cables to the PS3’s RCA jacks.
  • Plug the other ends to the proper input using the right color combination: yellow to yellow, white to white and red to red.
  • Plug in the yellow jack on the other end to your TV’s input.
  • Plug in the red and yellow to your home theater system’s AUX input. Use the proper color correspondence.

However, your TV set might support high-definition content, such as 720p or 1080p. If you want to have a better gaming or viewing experience, you will want to connect your PS3 using digital cables, such as through HDMI. One issue here is that HDMI carries both video and audio signals, and so the sound goes directly to your TV. That is the default setting, but you can configure your PS3 to output the audio to analog instead, enabling you to output the sounds through your home theater system.

  • Connect your HDMI cable to the PS3, with the other end to the TV’s HDMI port.
  • Connect the red and white analog RCA jacks to the PS3, with the other end going to your home theater system’s AUX input.
  • Turn on your PS3 and TV set.  
  • Go to your PS3’s main menu and open the Audio Settings.
  • Choose “Composite A/V” as your audio output.
  • Your PS3 should now output video via HDMI, but audio will be output via analog RCA.

By default, your PlayStation 3 will prioritize the digital or HDMI connection when outputting video and audio. This is to provide for the best audio-visual experience, considering HDMI is a digital medium. However, if you need to output audio through a different channel, this can be easily done. You can override the audio output using the Audio Settings.

Once you have connected your PS3 using Composite Audio, you will need to turn on your home theater sound system and switch to AUX input.

An alternative to connecting using the analog RCA jacks is using the digital optical cable to connect your audio to your home theater system. This enables you to output audio in 5.1 channel surround, which can give you the best gaming experience in terms of sound.


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