How To Connect PC Audio to TV/Television

TV sets have been a popular staple for making presentations in boardrooms. Some businesses would prefer LCD or LED sets over LCD projectors. After all, these produce crisper images, with better color reproduction. You can easily play multimedia content, like DVDs, too. Connecting a computer to a TV is fairly easy, using the S-Video interface. Some modern TV sets also have DVI inputs or HDMI, which makes it easy to connect higher-end computers to them. In some cases, some brands of flat screens have VGA input.

One of your concerns in connecting your computer to a TV would be how to connect the audio to the TV itself. In most cases, you might want to connect your computer’s audio to the room’s sound system or a home theater system. However, in case you want to connect the computer audio to the TV for any reason, read on.

What you will need:

  • You will need a cable with jacks on both ends that will connect the TV and the laptop.
  • On one end should be a mini TRS jack, which is 3.5 mm. On the other end should be two audio RCA jacks.

How to do it:

Connecting your computer to your TV’s audio will involve connecting the line out to your TV’s audio in.

  • First, acquire a cable that connects to a 3.5 mm jack on one end and two RCA jacks on the other end. The ground part of the TRS jack should correspond to the negative or outer ring of the RCA jacks. The left channel should be on the white jack, while the right channel should be on the red jack.
  • Plug the TRS jack on the cable to your computer’s LINE OUT. This is usually marked by either a green or blue ring on the socket.
  • Plug the other end of the cable onto the audio inputs of your TV set. Plug in white to white and red to red. Note that some TVs might have the left channel RCA jack colored black instead of white.
  • Turn on your computer and TV set. Switch your TV source to Video. Depending on which input you connected the RCA jacks, you might have to cycle between Video, Video 2 and so forth.
  • You might have to adjust the volume on your computer, so that the output will be normalized. Set the output volume midway from zero to maximum.

Computer speakers are notoriously tinny and weak, regardless of the brand and size. If you’re making a presentation involving audio, it will make sense to output this on a better audio system. The best alternative would be to output audio to a component or home theater system. If this is unavailable, you can also output audio to a TV screen. Depending on your setup, you can also simultaneously output audio and video onto a single TV set. All it requires are the right cables and the right way to connect them.


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