Converting VHS to DVD: Recorders and Recording Equipment

Learn How To Transfer Video to DVD

VCRs are seeing their last days as are the VHS tapes made to play in them. Many manufacturers have stopped making them altogether as DVD and Blu-ray increased the quality and capacity of recording and playback equipment. There are a few options for converting your VHS tapes to DVDs, so here are some tips on how to do VHS to DVD conversion.

VHS to DVD Recording Equipment and Materials:
VHS tapes
Blank writable DVDs
Conversion software
Analog-to-digital converter
DVD recorder or disc drive
VHS/DVD combo recorder (optional)

  1. Decide which VHS tapes you need to convert from VHS to DVD. Be aware that home movies or tapes you recorded yourself will be easier to convert than those purchased prerecorded. These  are often secured so that you cannot copy them due to copyright laws.
  2. Decide which process you wish to use. There are two options for converting VHS to DVD. The first, using recording equipment such as a DVD/VCR Combo recorder, is the simplest, but often has problems recording copyright protected tapes. If using this option, go to step three. The second option is to convert the VHS material to M-PEG on your computer then transfer video to DVD. This option is more time-consuming and can be more costly. If using this option, go to step four.
  3. Insert VHS tape and blank DVD into recorder, then hit play and record buttons. When trying to copy VHS tapes to DVD, not all recorders work the same, so read the manual and follow all instructions.
  4. Download software for converting VHS to M-PEG files. There are several options available for software. Download the one most compatible with your computer and devices.
  5. Attach the analog-to-digital converter. Once the VHS to DVD converter is attached to your computer and VHS device, you can begin to load the material onto the computer. As the material is captured, it is converted to an M-PEG file.
  6. Edit the recording (optional). The benefit of using computer software to convert the VHS to M-PEG is that you can then use it to edit the video and audio if you would like.
  7. Burn the material to DVD disc. Following your computer’s instructions, burn or record the material onto a DVD.

Regardless of the method you choose to record VHS to DVD, you can finally get rid of the old tapes taking up space in your entertainment center or in the back of your closet. Knowing how to convert VHS to DVD is easy - and you will be able to enjoy those videos for years to come. Just remember that the picture quality you will get is from the original tapes so they won’t be as impressive as a film recorded in digital format.


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