How To Convert Video to Play on Portable Devices

Are you bored when you're out on the road? You probably wish that you were watching your favorite video instead? If you are, then you can watch your videos on your media player or even your mobile phone. It's just a matter of converting these into a format that your MP3 or media player can handle.

Please take note that we will be focusing on AVS Video to Go as this is free software. You will need:

  • A working computer that can connect to the internet: you'll need this because you'll be downloading software and this is usually the location of the video you'd like to transfer.
  • Your fully charged mobile device: the place where your video will go.
  • Your video.
  • AVS Video to Go: software that will do all the magic for you.

Ensure that your computer can handle the processing and space requirements of video converting. Conversion usually requires a fast CPU and a big amount of memory. Conversion will work with less, but the process will be slower. For AVS Video to Go, you would need a computer with at least 1.5 GHz clock speed, 512 MB of RAM, and an Internet connection.

If you have all the necessary tools, you can now install the software and load your video for conversion.

  • Download AVS Video on the Go. Go to this site ( to download the software.
  • Install the program by running AVSVideotoGO.exe and follow the installation wizard.
  • Run the program and then choose what video file to input. You can do that by clicking on "Browse" button and select the type of file you'll be converting from. Just be sure to click on the "All video files" so you can see all type of video files available for you.
  • Get a test conversion by choosing a small part of the movie to be converted. This way, you can check how the movie will look like once its on your portable device. Click Next.
  • Select your portable device among the list provided by the software.
  • Select the output parameters for your device. However, it would be advisable to let it remain as this is ideal for your chosen device. Click Next.
  • Select where the file will be converted to. Check the file parameters just to be sure. Click Next.
  • Wait as the video will now convert to the file extension that your portable can read. Please note that this may possibly take hours, depending on several factors such as movie duration, CPU speed, file settings and video CODEC used.

The software will show you the duration of file conversion and an estimate for how long you would have to wait for conversion to finish.

  • Connect your device to your computer either through USB or other means.
  • Press "Send to DVR."
  • Click "Upload" button. Please note that uploading the file will entail another long time depending on the portable device's hardware.
  • If you use an iPod, you can use iTunes to load the video and sync to your device.

Once done, you can watch your favorite movies on the go. Whether you're at the mall or commuting, or flying, you'll never be bored again as long as you have enough battery power.


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