How To Copy a DVD to Another DVD without Losing Quality

When it comes to learning how to copy your favourite movies from one DVD to another, there are some steps that need to be followed in order to make sure you do not lose the high quality of picture and sound. The first problem many people encounter when it comes to completing this process is deciding whether or not to download software to help this process or copy using only what your PC currently offers. Most computers come with some sort of burning software today but if you are looking for a more advanced technology, DVDX Copy seems to be one of the most popular online today.

Whether you choose to download special software for this procedure or not is your choice. The steps to copy one DVD to another without sacrificing the quality remain quite similar.

  1. DVD in a laptopStart up your chosen DVD burning software and then insert your blank DVD-R to get the process started. (Remember that your choice of blank DVD-R can make the difference. Spend the money on a reliable brand to retain quality).
  2. Select the media file you wish to burn and copy. With most DVD burning software you may have to insert your first DVD to transfer the media temporarily to your PC for copying purposes.
  3. Choose the speed you wish to burn your media files with. This is a very important step. Many people want to choose to absolute fastest speed in order to complete the process that much faster. This can be a problem for DVD burning software programs that are not as advanced as others. If your media is burned too fast this can decrease your overall quality.
  4. Finalize your DVD. This step will seal in all the audio and visual quality and should not be skipped over even though it can take a few extra minutes to complete.

Each step your DVD burning program takes you through is crucial to the burning process. Take the time necessary to complete the DVD copying process in order to make sure it is completed successfully, it cannot be rushed. Once you have the steps down you will find the DVD copying process will become easier and more successful for you every time. Backup all your favourite DVDs today so you never have to worry about replacing them.


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