How To Copy VHS Home Videos to DVDs

VCRs have long been replaced by newer technologies such as the DVD player so it would be pointless to still preserve your home videos in the VHS format. Besides, VHS tapes are easily damaged by dust, moisture and molds as compared to the more compact and sturdy discs. Copying your VHS home videos to DVDs ensures that those precious moments with the family are well kept for future grandchildren to see.

1. Check if the old VCR still works.

Grab the VCR and connect it to your TV. Record some TV time on an empty tape so that you are sure the machine still works and won’t end up chewing up all the VHS you want to preserve.

2. Make sure you have the necessary device and software.

Acquire a reliable video capturing device such as DVD Xpress DX2. This apparatus comes with the VideoStudio software application that lets you edit the video files. Make sure to follow the instructions for correct installation of VideoStudio on your computer.

3. Connect the three machines.

Using appropriate cable connectors, hook up the DVD Xpress, personal computer and VCR together. Make sure that the composite audio and video outputs are correctly connected to the corresponding inputs of the machines.

4. Capture the videos using Movie Wizard.

Movie Wizard is one option supplied in VideoStudio. It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to capture and record the videos onto a DVD. However, this option is quite limited as it is not capable of editing.

5. Capturing videos through VideoStudio Editor.

Run the VideoStudio Editor software and the capture screen will appear. Hit Play on your VCR and Capture Video on VideoStudio simultaneously to start recording onto your PC. Just click on Stop Capture once the video is finished. Repeat the process for all the videos you want transferred onto your PC.

6. Edit and copy.

Use the timeline on the Edit screen of VideoStudio to sequentially arrange the clips. You can also utilize other editing tools such as Auto Settings to further improve the quality of the videos. Afterwards, you are ready to store the videos digitally. Just insert a high quality rewritable DVD-R into the optical drive and start the copying process.

There are other devices and software available in the market that can enable you to transfer videos in VHS to DVD. Though their specific features may differ, the main functions you will need them to perform are to capture video data and convert video data format.


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