How To Customize Audio Electronics

Many people are looking for basic knowledge about audio electronics, which covers a wide area of understanding and comprehension about electricity. Hence, for you to understand how audio electronics can be customized you should first know the basics of audio electronics.

When there is a vibration in a certain object there is also an occurrence of motion in the air. This causes the sending of waves outward from an object. Now, when these waves hit a new or another object, vibration occurs again. A microphone, which is known as an electro-mechanical transducer, has the capability to convert the vibrations into an electrical signal. After the information or sound content has been transferred to a certain electrical signal, it can now be stored and used in the method of sound recording. Most of the time, the process requires the electrical analog because sounds can never be stored directly; therefore the basic knowledge about the functions of electronic devices is essential.

Some examples of equipment that can be used to change the electrical information are: recorders, mixers, compressors, amplifiers and equalizers. These equipments can be used to modify the reproduction of the recorded sounds. Basically their concepts are based and founded on the early concepts of analog electronics. Since you already know the basic information, it's about time for you to explore how audio electronics are being customized. What are the most frequent questions you stumble with in dealing with this matter?

1. In switching systems, how will you determine what you need? Whether you want a 2x4 based system, 4x4 or a custom switcher, the first thing you need to think over is what definite type of system you need and how big it should be. There are two types of systems. One is the pre-effect system, which is a pedal based one. In the signal path, you will insert the pedal in between the amps and guitar output. The other type is the post-effect system or also known as the power/preamp type of system. In determining what you need and in designing a custom switcher you have to answer the following questions as your guide:

  • What kind of system do you really want to have?
  • How many remote controlled functions are you aiming for?
  • What is the size of RS-10?
  • What types of RS-10 do you need and how many?

2. Can the system be modified if you change your my mind? Yes! You always have the option to send the switchers back to the factory, especially if you need a different type of equipment.

3. Will this system change your tone? No! You can maintain the integrity and quality of the sound throughout the system. The switchings are of high quality with no sonic coloration. Hence, you can be sure that the original tone will remain intact.

See? There's no danger in customizing your audio electronics whether the issue is audio stereo, cyrus audio, krell audio or quad audio; everything is under your control as long as you have the right knowledge.


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